DiS Beer Wankers 2019


Depends what you call Hove. Do you mean Palmeira Square or Aldrington?

And do you want a good pub, or a craft beer place?


Bison beerhouse, watchmakers arms, the urchin, the Albion, the westbourne, The ancient mariner (aldrington), the Brunswick

Try and get in the Watchmakers. Is about 20 seconds from Hove station


I dunno tbh, anywhere west of Churchill square I guess?

Edit: craft beer!




Went there once, really uninspiring stuff in. Should try again.


Yes you should (although it’s not as good, imo, now Jim has left to run the Haus on the Hill)


I used to quite like the bees mouth too but had a bad experience in the buscemi toilet and haven’t been back since


Not been in there for ages. In all fairness, very rarely get past the dispensary


I used to love the Bees Mouth, but I haven’t been in ages. Great for foreign bottled beers, and their music in there used to be pretty good too.


Talking of pubs in Hove, have you been here yet @rich-t? https://www.theargus.co.uk/news/17328623.foghorn-micropub-has-transformed-boundary-road-portslade/


It’s on the list!


We’re talking about doing a hove to Worthing micropub crawl (so hove, aldrington, portslade, Shoreham, lancing and Worthing)


Is Beer No Evil on your list? It’s more of a bottle shop than micro pub, but they’ve got four taps, and a very good range of stuff. I’ll be popping over tonight to stock up the fridge. Gareth and his wife who run it are a GBOL.

I must pay a visit to the new Cloak & Dagger place in Kemptown too - maybe I’ll make it over there tomorrow.


Yeah, Worthing would be the green man, Georgi fin, grizzly bear, brooksteed, anchored, the Selden arms, beer no evil. Or a choice of those.

A mate, who is the brewer for good things brewing, reckons cloak and dagger place will be good. I don’t really like their beer though


They’ve got a lot of good ideas, and their beers are getting better as time goes on, so I’ll give them a chance. Contrast that with Unbarred, who started great, but haven’t progressed that much from their early beers - I wish they’d have a couple of core beers and a few short batches, but it seems to all be short batches these days.


Actually, no I won’t. Jimbo napped today, which means bedtime will take about an hour and a half, which means I won’t get over there in time before they close. Bah.


I’d add The Old Bike Store (https://www.facebook.com/theoldbikestore/) to that list, which is along the road from Beer No Evil, and The Goose is close too, and has been pretty strong recently.

I’ve still not been along to Georgi Fin, which is very poor form on my part.


Yeah that was surprisingly excellent! Took me ages to get round to drinking it as it was so strong, but it was so drinkable.


My best mate lives across from the brooksteed. Dangerous game. Nice beer spot is Worthing


Oh wow, kept seeing their name and just assumed it was the restaurant doing a pop-up restaurant in Hackney Brewery’s taproom (if that even exists?)