DiS Beer Wankers 2019


Just a lucky coincidence that the owner didn’t lose anything and everyone else did then

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Oh yeah, it’s proper shit. What I mean though is that it sounds like if it wasn’t sold it would have gone completely bust and closed anyway rather than they sold out for the money.
It’s pretty disgusting in any event if he ended up profiting from this, which I’m pretty sure he did.

Afternoon from Lidl’s finest


Pretty good! A touch too sweet, think I’d have preferred more bitterness to balance it or maybe even make it a sour ipa instead

That colour and glass tho :ok_hand:


Jon Hopkins just came in and dropped a cool hunner on Lambieks so can confirm he is definitely ONE OF US


Saw the singer from the National drinking alone in war pigs

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My best ever celeb moment was hosting a private beer tasting for Matt Berninger and a journo in my old job. He likes impy stouts.


Was this during Haven per chance? The drummer was at Ramen 2 Birru when I went

No, it was a few years ago just before christmas. He invited us to his El VY gig that evening but we were flying back.

Edit: Just looked it up and it must have been December 2015

I have 5 referrals from Beer 52 where people can receive a free case of 8-10 bottles / cans. I don’t really have five friends so if anyone is interested (there may be conditions attached, I don’t know), happy to do so if you drop me a DM with an email address. You can then choose whether or not to take up the offer.

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On similar note I have a 50% off friend code (and I get 50%) too for Mikkeller beer mail (not club) for one box
It works out normally about 41 pounds inc postage so it’ll be 20 quid. I’d definetly recommend it but I would say that!
There’s 9 beers and they’re usually all very good and it’s no hassle to cancel (all done online) unlike some other services I can mention…!

tuesday night, is it



Got a keg of this in the cellar at work :slight_smile: (I did have it at Cloudwater LDN already and it was great)

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Crate must be getting discontinued at Tesco cuz I just picked up a can for 50p. Ok it’s not a great beer but for 50p I’m no complaining

Either that or they have a tonne going out of date in the supply chain, so it gets reduced to clear.

ah yeah good shout, it’s best before August this year

We may have some cheap beer coming along in the next month. Having a “Drinks Festival”. Basically a way of getting rid of discontinued, overstocked and shorter life products


Having the pilsner from the northern powerhouse box. Absolutely nothing. Would rather have a Holsten.