DiS Beer Wankers 2019


Very nice


Great lil place this ^!


RE all the beers last night @rich-t @guntrip

Deep breath …

Eviltwin Falco IPA
ET Every Day Once a Day DIPA
ET Motolov Cocktail TIPA (13%!)
ET Even More Jesus
Tool Jule Maelk (15%!)
Fierce Very Berry sour
Northern Alchemy 40 Cola Sour
Burning Sky Cuvee 2018
BS Saison Anniversaire 2018
BS Saison de Peche
BS Saison de Fete
BS/Marble/Hawkshead 3 Threads Porter Blend



I hadn’t realised there was a 2019 thread.


I really enjoyed that porter blend & the cuvee. Haven’t had Jule Maelk for a few years but I remember it being pretty amazing.


Except it doesn’t open until 5pm, even on a Saturday. Oh well, at least Brighton Bierhaus is open. I’ve picked up a couple of Crowlers while I’m here. Hopefully they’ll fit in the fridge.


First, and likely only, trip to Hop Burns & Black and came away with a LHG imperial stout.

Rut roh


Just this little banger. Very nice indeed.


Hate not having any money/being on the waggon. Don’t even feel any better for not drinking as much


Had a half of that at lunch on Friday. Agreed.


If it’s any consolation it was great but probably not worth what I paid for it. Price was :face_with_raised_eyebrow::worried::grimacing:


How was? Been after a choc orange stout for a while now


Smelt orangy, tasted of a giant chocolate stout. Really enjoyed it.




dry jan is over


Had a third of this Friday lunchtime, thought it was superb, hard to fault.

Now have to go a month or so not buying any more beer, luckily my cellar is fairly stocked…


Looking for a sunday night beer in the fridge - this is all I have, one 6.8%, everything else over 8% :man_facepalming:t3:


In the pub, doing some solo drinking. Sunset - Naparbier is one of the nicest session IPAs I’ve had in ages. Really citrussy and light. Also had my first Northern Monk beer of the year, that Jungle IPA. Bloody lovely, but could probably only have 1.


had my first beer that i had to leave behind in the pub last night - my girlfriend and i both got a half of the Gypsy Hill ‘Oatmeal Coffee Brown’ and it tasted like some watered down leftover coffee grounds :nauseated_face:


They made a massive deal of this one on social media. Always looked an acquired taste