DiS best films of 2017 results

Maybe I’ll do that

1 is also good though


And finally, fully stealing @Prob500’s ideas again, the Adebisi Shank award (any suggestions for a more cinema-suitable title?) for films with the highest average rating, with at least 3 votes

1 - Raw - 4.3
2 - Paddington - 4
3 - Toni - 3.7
4= Moonlight - 3.6
4= MBTS - 3.6

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The cemetary junction/prometheus award

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ITs not quite 3 hours, but either way it’s so good it flies by. Just watch it at home in parts

How many votes each film received (sorry for slack descriptions)

Great list lads, enjoyed all 7 of those I’ve seen, need to see Raw, Paddington 2 (And 1) And Call Me By Your Name

Seen 7; loved 7. Excellent year for films.


oh I see… most votes but not necessarily most points

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I managed to see 6 of the top 10 and enjoyed them all a lot (though CMBYN really didn’t grab me fully) and will see Paddington soon and miiight eventually find the time for Toni.

liked it but disagree. I felt those three hours.

Much like LeAnn Rimes, the other films of 2017 can’t fight the moonlight


Worth seeing so you know what the poster image is.
(Yeah it is long but worth it imo)

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This is probably the best list I’ve seen, good work team!

yeah, no

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This fits with some of the massive acclaim Raw and Toni got (while being less accessible than some of the other top films of the year), but also good to see that two of the most popular films were so highly thought of. Not just a case of everyone sticking them in 4th and 5th place.

Ditto that. (Although I did go immediately into it straight from a second viewing of Moonlight having run 18km and injured my knee the day before…)

Glad you managed to contribute to both threads without casting any votes :wink:

Tony hardmann


This is a vote!

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