DiS Best Films of the Century


I opened a Letterboxd and it is nice and easy to start tagging films so that’s useful.


I’m finding this quite hard to do

Also, I’m going to be the only person nominating at least 3 of the Scandi films in my top 20 so it seems a bit pointless to include them



Be true to yourself I reckon. Hundreds of films have been nominated, from all over the place. Not saying the particular Scandi films you want are in there, but there have definitely been some nominated.


Nah I reckon there’s a couple of mine its unlikely anyone else will have voted for. Will make it more interesting when individual lists are shared


all my films are shite guys, don’t worry


Pan’s LabyrOUTth


Only submitted 10 cos thinking of 20 films is a lot of hard work and cba.

Only 3 are live action. Or 4 actually. Might start pretending Pan’s Labrynth isn’t live action though.


I’ve got a nailed-on shortlist of about 5, and then a whole bunch that I’m more ambivalent about. It’s interesting looking back, there are some that I absolutely loved when they came out, but maybe don’t care so much for now.


Scandi film at number one in my list m9 :+1:


I’ve just remembered an oversight that I’m really annoyed about, can I get a redo Jukey?





I’m sorry Take Shelter, I’m sorry Jeff Nichols


Fuck, shouldve picked Bug


Shoulda woulda coulda


I will avenge you! (with a selection I was going to make anyway)






ignore that




got my list