DiS Best Films of the Century


So irked, it should have been top five frankly


If someone had Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter, Mud and Midnight Special all in their top 20 I wouldn’t even think they were that far off


Forgot the Arabian nights series didn’t I?


Because they were really boring?


Shut up


AmericIN Honey


Somehow managed to do this without featuring The Rock at all, and Nic Cage only once (couldn’t put World Trade Center in, much as I wanted to - that’s really about his 'tache though)


Mine would make Eric angry if he was still on these boards. We can just take it as read that he’s posted Bunk shaking his head at me.


I did um and ah about Take Shelter but ultimately there were at least 36 other films I enjoyed more.


Mamma Mia 2


Mine are pure big budget obvious and ridiculous choices. But I also have Bring it On in my list so that’s at least one solid gold top end film for us all to agree on.

Pixar have made 20 films and there are also 20 Marvel MCU films. Much as I laud those Marvel films film for film Pixar have definitely got them beat hands down.


Maybe you didn’t and it was all…a dream!

:neutral_face: :slight_smile: :sunglasses:


I just read my long list to my girlfriend and she disparaged most of them. Fuming.
Also had a quasi-documentary in my top 5 before I remembered they were banned (The Arbor, fantastic and harrowing, like don’t watch it if you want to feel in a good mood afterwards).


so far i’ve got Upgrade at number 1


I’m really excited to see how the number ones all pan out because I’m assuming everyone’s done that as their passion pick. I’d be surprised if anyone has chosen the same as mine, for example.


Before we kick off the main list I’ll post all of the number 1 picks that nobody else voted for. Just for a laugh, like.


Disparage for being too arthouse or being too mainstream? Given you username choice is apparently a book that almost no one can finish and anyone who claims to have enjoyed it is lying, I’m guessing the former.


I have never even heard of this film.


very good film.


I’ve barely heard of any mentioned so far tbh.

I remember a day when I used to like, watch films and stuff.

PS: my top 20 is still the best and in no way discredited by the above