DiS Best Films of the Century


i’m just gonna have to rush this and not think about it too much

back in 10


The Arbor (and Waltz with Bashir) would be up there for me too.


i think this is where i’m struggling with my list, cos as much as I thought The Arbor was a ‘very good film’, it’s by no means in my top 20 in terms of films i’d, say, want to watch again any time soon

am overthinking it - am off to google how many films pixar have released this century


Things you love always fall on a spectrum of how much you enjoy something, would return to again and again, etc, and how much you admire it even if you don’t watch/listen to it all the time. E.g. fucking love Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave but don’t listen to it nearly as much as that Whitney album, for example, which I think is fun but not nearly as interesting. Same with The Arbor compared to Adventureland which I watch all the time when I have a hangover.


done myself by not checking the uk release dates so I’ve missed out being john malkovich. unfortunately this means this whole endeavour is void, really sorry everyone


My list is a mix of films I’ve seen 5+ times (and will watch again) and others I don’t think I intend to watch again (well, maybe once more), but they have indelibly seared themselves into my memory.


can someone take these tickets please


OK I’m actually making a serious list now. Some of you would have a right chuckle at the two films I’m agonising over for 20th place.


please reveal the one that doesn’t make the cut, when you’ve decided


I just hope Mean Girls does well.


fuck, I’ve thought of a few more now


Please take them someone, it’s good.


She wondered if I was putting things I thought I should, rather than things I like, so probably the former.

(tbh I don’t know myself: there’s lots of films I thought were amazing the first time but only so-so the second, and a lot of my list I’ve only seen once and I’m not sure if they’d stand up…and then there’s the choice of something you could watch loads of times vs something you admire but don’t really want to watch, as @badmanreturns and @Jack205 say.


@ericv just asked to be unbanned.

Fucking batsignal, @juke




I think it could be interesting to see how the Best Picture Oscar winners do in this poll. Here’s the winners from this century:

2000 Gladiator
2001 A Beautiful Mind
2002 Chicago
2003 Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
2004 Million Dollar Baby
2005 Crash
2006 The Departed
2007 No Country for Old Men
2008 Slumdog Millionaire
2009 The Hurt Locker
2010 The King’s Speech
2011 The Artist
2012 Argo
2013 12 Years a Slave
2014 Birdman
2015 Spotlight
2016 Moonlight
2017 The Shape of Water

Only 9 have had nominations so far…


How many nominations for non-moonlight best pictures?


There’s a couple that are doing well. Crash and Argo.


Might just vote for avatar 20 times.


Really though, what a shit list of films. Chicago winning over The Pianist. Crash beating Brokeback Mountain. The Departed beating anything. Argo ffs.

I’d even say that 12 Years a Slave beating Captain Philips and PHILOMENA is a shame, but that might just be me.