DiS Best Films of the Century


Dont think i’ve even seen 20 films from this century tbh


How many films has David Lynch released this century?


How many times am I allowed to vote for PromINtheus?


hi eric


The Departed is one of the few times I’ve left the cinema angry.


To be fair to 2006’s shortlist I’m not sure any of these are that great?

The DepartedGraham King, producerdouble-dagger

(I’ve not seen Babel or The Queen.)


an iconic thread entrance from eric


That is a shocking list of nominees, and no mistake.

Mind, they could have nominated Pan’s Labyrinth, Children of Men, The Prestige, The Fountain, Casino Royale, The Lives of Others, Inland Empire, The Fall, Apocalypto, This is England, Volver, Half-Nelson or United 93, so it’s not like it was a bad year for cinema.


my list is basically just all the obvious animated ‘masterpieces’ then chuck in a couple of michael hankie movies to make me look like a real person


No that’s true. It just seems so much worse when you can’t even point to a clear winner in the shortlist. What the hell happened that year? Did every producer of ever good film piss off the Weinstein Group?*

*Kermode maintained that they had some kind of stranglehold on the whole thing, that having them involved pretty much guaranteed you a shot at the short list. That said, he also claimed that the Oscars shortlist in recent years seems to be about looking at the Golden Globes (which come before) and using them as guide, but apparently the Globes are judged based on a lot of commercial factors the Oscars aren’t meant to care about. Or something.


I like the departed. not enough to vote for it here like, but still, decent film. marky mark and baldwin are both great fun in it


Is that a mistype of Haneke or did you name your hanky and you’re talking about the emotional weepies you put in? :wink:


I seem to recall having real difficulty telling DiCaprio and Damon apart in sections of that film.

I really don’t like Wahlberg. He just seems so incredibly humourless in real life and his attitude to his past stinks.


it autocorrected and I liked it


Me too. I may name my tissues before use next time I watch something that makes me cry (which will of course be the next time I watch anything as documented elsewhere).


There was a lot of films in the letterbox thing I was like yeah how come I’ve not seen that yet. Waltz with bashir was one of those.


The Departed is better than at least half of those (I have only seen half of them)


I’d watch any of that list over The Departed, which was a total mess.




can’t deny that mate. Where’s my Oscar?