DiS Best Films of the Century



don’t really understand the hate that film gets. i wouldn’t put it near the top 20 of anything but it was totally fine?


Assuming none of you have seen Letters From Iwo Jima as that is a sensational film.

The Departed was also on my shortlist for this. Really stands up to multiple viewings.


pretty sure i’ve seen Argo but remember nothing about it


Good film but it doesn’t exist and nor does Flags of Our Fathers.

What an insanely ambitious project that was, studios will literally let Clint Eastwood do anything eh.


was about ben affleck getting stuck in a catalogue shop


Sent mine to jook, two of them were documentaries, all of them were directed by men. Sorry.


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I think Infernal Affairs is a better film, partly because I’m just That Guy, but also because it is actually a better film.

Neither were in my top 20 though.


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Aren’t there valid orientalist issues with it, though? I’m sure I read that it’s a sort of western take on Japanese culture.

@Antpocalypsenow I don’t fully get your comment on those films. Is it just that for you Eastwood is cancelled for his horrendous politics? (Fair enough.)


For a major studio to fund two separate war films from each side of the conflict, one of which is entirely in Japanese with no star power whatsoever and for that film to gross triple it’s budget (and more than the American equivalent) is pretty astonishing really. There are very few people who get that sort of backing.


Only just seen this, will definitely get involved. Love a list!

PEDANT ALERT: So just so I’m clear when you say ‘no documentaries’ do you mean we’re not allowed feature length ones like The Act of Killing?


Wish I still liked films






beau travail came out in 2000 btw in case anyone thinks it was 1999


Infernal Affairs is DEFINITELY a better film not seen the Departed, but that’s not important