DiS Best Films of the Century



this is pertinent

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Just checked my list - three films directed by women. Indie points just about retained…


There was chat at the time that The Academy just wanted to celebrate Scorcese after fucking him over for Taxi Driver (Rocky!), Raging Bull (Ordinary People!!) and Goodfellas (Dances With Wolves!!!) so that essentially the wins for The Departed were more a proxy lifetime achievement award.

I don’t mind it as a film tbh tbf - probably a 7/10…


This is definitely just you. (haven’t seen PHILOMENA)


Still better than Al Pacino getting his Oscar for Scent of a Woman…


Gonna be interesting to see how they deal with this for PTA


In 2013 12 Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street, Nebraska, Gravity and Her were all nominated and all of those are arguably better than every Best Picture winner this century other than maybe Moonlight and No Country for Old Men


I despised Nebraska. But yeah.


Mine too!


I wonder if it’s the same one :open_mouth::thinking:


Narrator: It wasn’t.


Mamma Mia 1 rather than 2 I assume in that case :+1:


Wolf of Wall Street and Her are both cack.


Can I shock you?

Wolf of Wall Street is my favourite Scorsese film.

I’m leaving for the day now, don’t @ me.


Not seen Wolf of Wall Street but Her is fucking rubbish.


Mine is Hugo.


^5 Tone


I think if someone wanted to torture me they should just give me a list challenge and watch as I wither away due to indecisiveness


You and everyone else here are clearly mad.


After Hours is Scorsese’s best film