DiS Best Films of the Century


Every film he’s made is essentially a remake of The Big Shave.

Hello lad!


It’s the color of money - the film the hustler could never be






Hello Eric, I hope you’ve been having a nice time recently in your life x


I haven’t seen it but have heard very mixed reports.


Tallest dwarf tbh


Can’t decide which Universal Soldier to include. Regeneration was obviously amazing but Day of Reckoning deserves a nod for deliberately defying expectations and being full of weird touches.


Ordinary People > Raging Bull.


love how irked i can still get from people’s #opinions about films on here


Very much enjoying this thread’s devolution into smoking hot takes.


surprised it took so long tbh


Can’t wait for the results thread :grinning:

Although reading back through the old thread, there wasn’t quite as much anger as I’d remembered. The final reveal of The Big Lebowski at number one was genius however - proper Usual Suspects stuff :+1:


Infernal Affairs is like 5000 times better. None of the flab, none of the crappy Irish American schtick, none of the Jack. But what really pissed me off is that there was no story or screenplay credit for the original IA writers. Everything that’s good in The Departed is lifted from the original, everything that’s shit is Scorsese stinking up the screen again.


But you know, that’s just my opinion, man


I’m not quite as down on t’old Marty but I agree with the rest 100%.


How many respondents now @Juke?

Really looking forward to the results


Ooh took this out of mine


Replaced one of the docs with a feature film directed by a woman. No need to thank me.


Wolf of Wall Street is an hour too long, incredibly unpleasant and enjoyed exclusively by conservatives