DiS Best Films of the Century


Not sure and I won’t be home til tonight. I’d guess between 25-35


Answers in now


Didn’t include either in the end, they were The Last Jedi and Interstellar


still not seen the latter. think the fact that in my head it is the same film as gravity put me off a bit, which is stupid because I’ve never seen that either


couple of really obvious ones that i forgot to include moonlight and the master
assume they’ll both end up in the top 3 anyway so no point me changing? feel bad dropping any at this point


You’ve ruined raffle day.


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I’m nearly there! Down to 30 haha


43 voters so far

Almost 9000 points awarded

380 individual films nominated

8 voters have selected a film as their number 1 that nobody else has voted for… ouch.

Just 7 points separate 2nd to 4th. The top 4 is well clear of the rest.

Just 13 films have over 100 points at this stage

Kane has eliminated the most Rumble participants over the years, propelling 44 victims over the top rope

2 more days of voting to go


I’m out sorry, been a bit busier with work than expected


On it


yeah sorry I hadn’t realised it was no documentaries so having to redo mine


Fuck, forgot broken flowers aaargghhh


Triple guarantee I am one of these. This is because youse are all a bunch of fucking idiots. [The film is Juan Sebastian Veron: The Manchester United years]


Were they sued later then because IMDB and Wikipedia both list them

It won’t credit them as co-writers there would likely be a ‘based on the film…’ separate credit on screen?

  1. Hidden
  2. Red Road
  3. City of God
  4. Call Me By Your Name
  5. The Lives of Others




Not decided what order to put my top two but this consideration might influence it!


Soz Juke.
is it still too late to vote?

Doubt I could name 10 anyway