DiS Best Films of the Century


Votes open until 2pm Saturday, so feel free :slight_smile:


Hello! Sorry yes. Mad work week but I do this today as I have some time! Sorry again


Blimey, reading through the thread (agonising over whether Last Jedi is in or out :rofl:) I think other people might be taking their selections a tad more seriously than me…


I was thinking the same, bashed mine out in about 10 minutes (steady). I think it’s probable that I’ve watched fewer films than these guys though, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. Still ok with my list although had I remembered it I may have included City of God.


i’m confused, you said pick favourites, not ones we thought the hivemind would like.


That’s the credit that was missing. There may have been something buried in the long list, but the main credits after the movie (the ones where there’s one or two names / roles on screen at a time, there probably is a name for them vs the long scroll but I don’t know it) just had Screenplay by A. Dickhead and no “based on…”. Couldn’t believe his balls at the time, a sensation only magnified when he said he deserved sole credit because he’d had to do a lot of research on Irish American gangs (and add a nonsensical ending that completely missed the point of the original).


Balls, should have had The Lives Of Others.


Pretty sure this is just a backlog of JUKE FACTS


I’m doing this tomorrow I promise.


yeah, it’s just a stat.


“ouch” is judgement, not stat


Yeah, as in ouch it might be a disappointment that your favourite film isn’t going to make the list.


Not at all - potentially massive indie points on offer


I really liked that, but then I spoke to an East German woman who absolutely hated it and slagged it off for what seemed like good reasons but which I now can’t remember. So it dropped off my list. Probably I was wrong. (Obviously my number one choice is correct tho’).


I’m sorry juke, totally misunderstood and thought you were being snide, idiotic that was


nae bother, hen


Decision time.

There’s a number of films that have just two nominations, but are beating films with three or even four nominations because they’ve had more points overall.

We can do:

  1. A top 75 with only films that have nominations from three different people can make the list.

  2. A top 100 that includes films with just two nominations

I don’t really care, so you decide:

  • Top 75, more exclusive, films that have more of a group consensus
  • Top 100, less exclusive, films that two people rate very highly but no one else gives half a slice about

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Still furious at myself for forgetting Brick. What a fucking moron, basically 85% of my online personality is literally never shutting up about the film Brick by Rian Johnson.


Pretty annoyed i forgot broken flowers. Bet there are more too.


why didn’t you just ask to change your list?