DiS Best Films of the Century


You’re a real piece of shit Juke

(You’re doing a great job x)


a film is better if two people love it than if three people think it’s okay imo


brick almost made my list but then I remembered how much you like it


But surely all fims on peoples lists are films they love/think are more than ok?


Are we ok Japes? I hope I haven’t done anything to upset you x


there’s plenty films on my list i’m not bothered about



Probably love 2 of the 20 on my list. The rest are just there to make up numbers really.

I’m not a renowned film fan though


I dont even like films


just kidding. i remember liking it at the time but have a feeling it wouldn’t hold up at all to a rewatch



Basically me, yes.


But i LOVE keeping jook busy


Should request multiple list changes.


I’ve been pming him hourly


tbf this really made me question if I do actually like films as much as I thought

shouldn’t be hard to think of 20 films from 20 years that you like ffs :neutral_face:


I keep DMing him asking to rescind the no documentaries rule. don’t even have one i want to vote for, just like noising him up


‘can I do this thing that is not in the clearly stated rules’
‘can I change my list after you said we can’t’
‘i don’t even like films’

I despise the lot of you


whoa, whoa, whoa, where’s that top 250 big talk from the beginning gone?
you’re doing a great job though, champ.


imagine how fl felt trying to organise a fuckin raffle


We COULD do a top 250, I guess. But as it currently stands, only 10 points would be required to make it in.

The top 100 conclusively won the poll earlier, so here we go again

  • Top 100 with at least 23 points required to qualify
  • Top 250 with at least 10 points required to qualify

0 voters


Can we do a top 1000? If not that many films have been nominated, we should have a peoples poll.