DiS Best Films of the Century


250 I reckon. I want all of my shitty choices featured, they deserve to be there as much as any PTA guff


Suck it up, you lost!


If it is a top 250 there will be some WILD choices in there


The poll results that jook has prepared are the best possible results for this forum.


surely that’s the purpose of this whole thing.

I mean, I know I’m essentially asking for you to do more work. but do more work please juke.


YES! Get on with it jook.


(Thanks jook- looking forward to getting really angry at the results)


You spoke to an East German woman? Tell me about this time machine you’ve built and how you’re using it to get reviews of modern films by people from the past.


I think the point is that you rank the 20 films so if you’ve got a film at 16 then it’s only ‘okay’ for you but someone with it in the number 2 spot thinks it’s bloody amazing.


There are more than 20 films I’ve loved this century (loads more tbh)


250 seems a lot of films to me. I’ll probably only pay attention to the top 20 regardless as that will show how degenerate these forums really are…


It’s about relative love, though.

*Should point out that my ordering was arbitrary because the list wouldn’t work without it but all my top 20 were films I loved equally, really.


I get that, but counter it with my earlier point that i dont think my number 1 (getting 20 points)is 20 times better than my number 20 (getting 1 point) - that seems crazy to me.

However, if people are putting in films they dont even like that much, then clearly there’s a wide variation here, so fair enough.


Starting to think we’re not going to end up with an objective ranking of the best films of the century here


Im furious


Big lebowski isnt even eligible on a technicality ffs


You and me both m9


I don’t know about ‘don’t like that much’ but there are very few films I see now that I really really love like I used to love films in my 20s or teens. Possibly a factor of age but I still find albums that I completely go nuts for so who knows.

As such my list of 20 films from this century includes a bunch of a films I really enjoyed but couldn’t say they were ones I’d buy on DVD/BR and watch a few times or whatever.


Like not being anywhere near the best 20 films released this century?