DiS Best Films of the Century


Also not released this century.

Juke and his stupid rules.


Is…this a joke?

I’m 46. I’ve known several people who were born in East Germany and were late teens or early 20s by the time of reunification.


I meant that surely they are now German people? Honestly I didn’t realise you remained an East German citizen, sorry.


Come off it Theo


I am not taking the piss here.


Even if the top 250 wins the vote I’ll probs just do the top 100 properly. the rest will be posted in big ol’ batches


Batches? We don’t need no stinking batches! (etc.)


get on with it, nerds


Well sure, just Germans now, I was just meaning that they’d grown up as East Germans.

[Sorry everyone else for this derail. #Dresden mates.]


No no, I am sorry. It was only meant to be a sort of jokey comment but I was concerned after you replied that actually there was a very strong sense from former East Germans that they were still ‘East Germans’. I mean I hadn’t really considered that could be a thing.


can you just rank every single film of the century (excluding documentaries and anything by a female director)


Brick is pretty high on my list.


You’re a good person


Made some very weird choices towards the end of the list …


Doesn’t look like it to me.


Well, impulse ones then


You have 23 hours to vote.



Q: Will you be accepting votes after the deadline?
A: No.

Q: What if it’s just 5 minutes after the dealine?
A: No.


looking forward to my boy wiping the floor with the lot of ya


I’m calling this vote now. This list will be a top 100 list.
Sorry @jamos