DiS Best Films of the Century


I thought the deadline was today! Are you telling me I missed out on the chance for yet more overthinking???


Yeah I moved it to Saturday as I have my work party tonight so won’t be able to do any number crunching


“East Germans” is very much still a thing.


this has made me sad


Ossis und Wessis




Same for me. Should have probably taken it slightly more seriously as I seem to just start listing films I’ve seen and enjoyed.


Relatively sure only my top film is one that I care really deeply about, everything else is just stuff I like

(Even then I forgot Moana, which I honestly, truly love as a film and not just because it has Dwayne The Rock Johnson in it, and now I’m kicking myself)


If this thread has demonstrated anything, it’s that nobody took this whole process seriously enough :neutral_face:


errr I have been taking it far too seriously, thank you very much.


SMH :expressionless:


Yeah fair enough noticing a few people say the same (did wonder whether I should have just listed less films if everyone else had near to 20 that they were passionate about).

Also I don’t rewatch films a lot, and most of those that I do are more easy-watching comfort type films, so have had to put a bit of faith in the taste of my much younger self.


Yeah i truly love my top 8 but beyond that it’s a balance between fun, easy to watch things, great recent films I might just have seen once and things I loved when I was 18 that might have aged quite badly. Hard to judge how all those different ones stack up against each other.

This has made me want to rewatch so many films if nothing else.


What if it’s a documentary (feature) ?


Voting closes today at 2pm.


One hour left


can we still make changes


sure x




y’know what, it’s fine. I’m only interested in this to see what other people like. I can’t finish my list in… two and a bit minutes.