DiS Best Of 2019

Hello! Getting towards the end of the year and that so lets share some of our favourite threads or posts or whatever from our community in 2019. We’ve had the advent of HGWIR, HGATR, polls galore, filth, memes, some twat pretending to host a game show, the raffle and loads more to choose from.

My best bits would be the Friends thread, obv, love a good tangent.

This isn’t meant to be a circle jerk thread but the appearance of @tilty has been a big highlight. A lovely, kind, fun presence and has given us the term ‘knobbed’ of course.

Number one for me is this though. Amazing stuff from @anon89873996 and the fastest I’ve ever seen the ‘like’ numbers move.

Now you!


can i use this thread for suggestions of which thread i want @sheeldz to read out for me? my first instinct was the gritty cop thread but it turns out that thread is a) on oldDiS and 2) not as good as i remembered


The Jeff Buckley HGWIR was really good a sunday afternoon of plumbing puns what’s not to like



Haha I forgot about all those puns!

Also this


Tough crowd.

Blind Date was absolutely inspired :smiley:

Also, I know I bring it up all the time but…


So so good :joy:

The World Cup of Everything. It was a Monday when I was deeply hungover and working my notice. Don’t think I looked at another thread all day. A sheer joy from start to finish.


The ‘not if I see you first’ subthread

Oh yeah that was good for showing us who the weird hiding creeps are.


Is now a bad time to admit I didn’t actually think it was a seeing first competition but everyone got so riled up I had to keep it going


absolute shambles

I can’t believe you’ve done this. It totally is a seeing competition.

well if no ones going to help should i get sheeldz to read this thread?

  • of course!
  • no goddamn way

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Just remembered that this year I made 5 (five) other accounts on here, including a squirrel, and my personal favourite, the COO of Vodafone so I could argue with @anon5266188. That was an odd day.

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