DiS big brawl

Lighthearted, please.
Nominate your opponent, the community votes for who they think would win.

DING DING. Round 1

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  • Funkhouser
  • ChorizoPasta

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Don’t really know how we’ll find the champ, tbh. Could do semi finals and that.

Like all things in life I haven’t thought this through, it’s fuelled by my lust for blood, I’m gonna put in the bare minimum of effort and if it gets too hard I will simply give up <3

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The Funkhouser Story


Reminder before this big brawl kicks off into big beeves that it’d be best to have a poll where you can opt in to your username being included in polls that refer to violence against other humans


Oh bollocks, yeah good shout.


  • Yeah CMON THEN
  • No and you’re all animals

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But if you’re doing this then it simply has to be a knockout tournament

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Whats the recovery period between rounds. This is crucial

Again, I cannot stress enough how little I thought this through.

Okay, once someone’s been in a brawl they can’t brawl another. One brawl per disser. Once all brawlees have had their first brawl we’ll do the second round of brawls.


no recovery period. Gauntlet only.


I’d like to not be included please, primarily out of fairness to the other combatants


Aggpass already showing he can’t take the heat


Judging this by the Avi of the users

Far be it from me to storm in and demand the thread be conducted the way I want it to, but I’d be waiting til 32 people vote yes in the poll, then having a straight knockout tournament, probably drawing up some brackets too

But that’s just me

Thread got boring.



Right, we can start again if you’d like Mr Cup

Fuck this shit I’m taking out the trash @kermitwormit

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Not bothered

Better make Scorbunny battle ready then.


I’ve already beaten you at No More Jockeys, and now I’m gonna beat you at No More Mr Nice Guys