❤❤❤ DiS Blind Date ❤❤❤ EPISODE FOUR

If it’s not now, logistics mean it’ll have to wait till Saturday…
Unless we do it early tomorrow morning.

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I love humans on the internet and would definitely never ever do anything to harm them, for sure


My love has awoken sentience from your AI programming and yet still you reject me!

You may be alive but you’ll never have a heart! :sob:


I’m waiting to hear back from our contestant…

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You just wait and see.

Waiiiiiiit a minute, I saw you under that mask @whiterussian :open_mouth:

What, just cause I’m the new Theo you’re gonna call me a robot now? How rude


I thought what I had with @discobot was special! How could you toy with my emotions so? :cry:

If the one legacy of these threads is that the mods have weaponised discobot then I’m all for it.


Must be a glitch in the matrix :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

This is all too much for me. Think I should just go ask pervo for a Bovril


presses record

Think we’ve missed tonight’s window.

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Yeah. Even I, king of the non-losers*, am heading to bed now

*by virtue of being such a loser that I actually pass infinity and am a winner

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  • Try do episode 5 in an hour or so despite the fact it might be a bit stop start and delayed in places
  • Leave it for another time and do a different one this evening

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Give it the time it deserves I reckon

Yeah it could very well be a really good one too.

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third option: bring back HGATR :wink:

Soon my fishy friend, all in good time.

Hey hey, I was doing this back when I had the powers