📚 DiS Book Club: Moby Dick (starts Sun 30th August) 🐳

Kaiser Chiefs and Herman Melville, a match made in heaven.

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I’ll probably cope with the fact I can’t read about whales until I get home though tbf.

You still enjoying it? Obviously haven’t read the thread cos I’m so far behind.

yeah definitely. it’s trying at times but definitely worth persevering with.


Up to 80

Lot more whale physiology eh. Aside from tashtego’s brush with death thst was pretty much all i read today. Oh and goody, phrenology! Bit like reading an old textbook sometimes innit.

What a weird bloody fish.

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weird fish GO AWAY


Over halfway! Soon this will be over and we can all move on with our lives…

- Captain Ahab

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Jfc chapter 81 was brutal and sad and… disgusting.

This one is incredible. Whales and dragons are often confused and jumbled together. Ummmmmm…

St george riding a seal or seahorse to fight a beached whale :rofl:

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Chapter 89:

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Getting slightly exhausted now I think. When he digresses for a chapter and then the next chapter is ‘about this thing i said in the last chapter, let me expound on it some more’ and you’re like nooooooo doooont.

Far too far in not to finish it now but I think it’s gonna be through slightly gritted teeth. Hopefully i’ll get over the hump*.

boy was that whale law section a barrel of laughs eh.

By my reckoning i should be at ch. 100 today so i have a bit of catching up to do. Somewhere around 90. Def flagging a bit :disappointed:

Over 2/3rds of the way through though!!! :partying_face:

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Don’t worry if you don’t finish it…

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Man, this week has been a complete write off as far as reading’s concerned so I’m glad I’m not the only one. Feared I’d been well cast adrift.

Currently up to ch.85 on an extended riff about whales and their holes…

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Up to chapter 100 or so, and I’m enjoying it! The action chapters are great, and everything in between is like an elderly relative telling you about the Great War or something - not necessarily relevant, or even that interesting, but comforting enough.

Plus it really captures the spirit of being stuck on a whaling boat for years at a time with nothing to do but examine every inch of it (and whales) in great detail - which I’m going to generously assume is what Melville was going for all along.


Aye, thoroughly depressing, although given that we’re being treated to everything there is to know about whales and whaling I guess it’s an important inclusion.

Tbh, before reading this I didn’t really know what the end product in whaling was, and I’d have guessed it was mainly about meat. Had no idea whale oil was even a thing and the amount they seem to discard even on a fruitful kill is grim.

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That chapter on the historical accuracy of the Jonah and the whale story was pretty entertaining huh?

Enjoyed the tone of “check out all these idiots who say it couldn’t have actually happened because a whale’s throat is too small to pass through and its gastric juices are too acidic…when Jonah could perfectly feasibly have hidden and sailed half way round the world inside its mouth, or a hollowed out whale’s tooth, or inside the floating body of a dead whale”

…or that the story could definitely by true if you interpret “inside the body of a whale” as “on board a ship named The Whale”…which would in no way alter the entire dynamic.


ch. 94

I know it’s lonely at sea but



Listening to this today, picking up on some subtle Melville influences

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