DiS Book Club v1.0: Lucia Berlin - A Manual for Cleaning Women


Let’s do this! Obviously not everybody has a copy lying around—you can pick it up reasonably cheaply here on AbeBooks, or slightly less cheaply at the Guardian bookshop. Otherwise check your local library or DM me if you’ve really tried and can’t find an affordable copy and I’m sure we can work something out.

Let’s start with the first 5 stories—about 40 pages. Makes sense to start light and see if the next chunk should be bigger, I reckon. In my edition, the recent Picador reprint, that’s:

Optional: foreword by Lydia Davis, intro. by Stephen Emerson
Angel’s Laundromat
Dr H. A. Moynihan
Stars and Saints
A Manual for Cleaning Women
My Jockey

Let me know what you reckon, folks

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Apparently I can get it from the library, so I’m in! I’ll pick it up on Saturday, looking forward to getting started.

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will try to grab a copy :+1:

It’ll probably take a few days for everyone to get a copy, but 40 pages isn’t much so let’s say in a week? So proper discussion to start/take place next Thursday evening—maybe via a group chat hosted elsewhere if people are up for that, or just in this thread.

Feel free to post thoughts/stuff it reminds you of/etc. etc. but please use spoilers where necessary.


Requested it from the library but it’s currently overdue :confused:

Got it for a fiver for kindle. I’m IN

It wasn’t available at a library nearby but I’ve picked up a copy :+1:

Will sort this once home library or Kindle

Ordered it from Wordery

Even though I didn’t get tagged HMPH I’m in, will source a copy.

When are we reconvening on this?

Yeah I’m in :slight_smile: Looking forward to it

All set! Great cover :ok_hand:


I’m sorry my friend I just mentioned the people I saw in the book club group!

Spoiler alert—read a bunch of them this morning and they’re flipping fantastic.

Also—Thursday evening if possible

Ah, nuts.

One available for loan in my borough and two reservations. I need faster feet

Ahem, as posted in the wrong thread:

Mates I’m enjoying this so much so far, only read the intro and first story but can’t wait to talk about it! The writing is right up my street, never heard of her before but her story and the atmosphere she creates is wonderful.
Those signs in the laundromat :heart_eyes:

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Gonna like this one too—very pleased indeed. If it carries on this good it’ll jet straight into my favourite short story collections.

@Book_Club my shifts have changed so can’t make Thursday evening :disappointed_relieved: —more than happy for discussion to go ahead and I’ll catch up OR we could book chat on Sunday evening when folks are likely to be winding down, etc.