DiS Book Club

I don’t know if this idea has been floated before—I’d imagine it has—but would anybody be up for taking part in a reading group? We could decide on a book then discuss it as we read through it, maybe suggest reading a particular section each week. Personally, I’d like the opportunity to discuss specific books a bit more deeply and specifically and hear what you folk have to teach me about them without spamming the general reading thread.


We could start with a book I’ve been meaning to read for a long while—A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin.

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i would be up for this but more for short stories and good long non-fiction articles if you decide to go that way eventually, maybe? i’m sort of juggling a couple of books atm is all.

Might be up for it, aye

I’d be up for it yeah

Count me in!

yep, count me in

I think it sounds awesome, and I’d be well up for it (especially this book, because it sounds great) but is there any way it could be done for people who don’t have the extra cash to spend buying books? I’m aware this is probably not possible :disappointed:


Although I already know how to clean women.

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This is a good idea and I’d like to get involved at some point.

Can I make a suggestion? That each time you come up with a new book that everyone agrees on that you flag it in a brand new thread? That way I think you’ll generate more interest and people (ie me) won’t miss out.


You should check out epicmagazine.com if you haven’t already!

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I like the idea.

That book is a collection of stories, right? Will that work?

I like the idea - will definitely try and get involved.

Have you checked your local library? Probably way too obvious and there is a clear reason this is a non-starter, but just want to check.

Yeah, I figured starting with a collection of stories would make it easier to break into chunks. If people would prefer a regular novel that’s also FINE.

I was thinking for going forward, in case the library doesn’t have some of the books. But otherwise, yeah, I think I might join in on the ones I can pick up from there. It’s a great, great idea, and I’m going to try to participate as much as possible!

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OK great I’ll start a thread in a couple days after giving this one a bit more time to simmer

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Huh, double post, eh?

sounds good potentially, might be a way to read things I wouldn’t normally. if it’s short fiction/ small amounts each week I might be much more likely to participate

I’m up for this. I need some decent new fiction recommendations.