DiS Book Club

This looks good.

How often do you think we’d look at a new book? Fortnightly maybe?

Yeah I’m a super slow reader so would be up for joining but only if it’s like fortnightly at a minimum :joy:

Definitely in. Great plan

I’ll go with the flow. Quite a slow reader, but more than that i’m a lazy bastard. I’ve never read a book in a week or less (bar…i think the Rum Diary but that’s very short). I’d probably lose interest if it was, say, monthly, but i’d give it a go. Obviously it depends on the length of the book to some extent. Guess we just have to hope someone doesn’t nominate Women and Men or the like.

I’d say let’s kick it off with this first one and see how we go before planning it too specifically and I am KING OF THE GROUP


I have created a new @Book_Club group. People should be able to join. I added some people quickly but I’m a bit busy right now.

Basically go here

Join up and if you @Book_Club then all members should be notified.


YOU RULE, @1101010

Well I hope it works. We’ll have to see. I’ve not noticed notifications when people use @admins or @moderators so until someone else like meow confirms the notification we’ll need to see.

nice work, theo

Did you have a notification when I used @ book club in that post?

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Yep we did! Thanks Theo :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mates I’m enjoying this so much so far, only read the intro and first story but can’t wait to talk about it! The writing is right up my street, never heard of her before but her story and the atmosphere she creates is wonderful.
Those signs in the laundromat :heart_eyes:


Very good plan. Suggestions welcome!

I would love to join in with this, but my irl reading group is hard enough to keep up with sometimes.

A good tip though if you were looking keep costs down that we use in my group, though a bit too restricting to use all the time: books that are out of copyright you can often find free online as PDFs, or as free or <£1 ebooks, and some on the shorter side you can find print editions that are just a quid each new (I think I got both The Great Gatsby and the Communist Manifesto in cheap Penguin Classics editions like this). Obviously a bit limiting to always go for things which are old enough, but useful to use sometimes as the library can let you down a lot.

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Contender, ready.

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Also picked this up, but that’s by the by.

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I got hold of this this morning, and I’m really enjoying it! Looking forward to Thursday very much, I’d love to hear what you all think.

I was reading Lucia Berlin the other day!

Right, let’s (re)start this then, friends.

Anyone have anything they’d like to recommend to be book no. 2?


Also I’ll try to stick with it this time around - got very distracted with work on the Berlin round and forgot the thread even existed

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I’d read that!

Who’s signing up?!

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