DiS book exchange thread

This might be a fun thing to do?
Post books that you’ve read / got spares of / don’t wanna read and are willing to give away to another DiSer or swap.
Maybe with a little description & whether or not you’re willing to pay postage.
Lets see how this goes


Great idea - keen to get involved. I’ll go through my bookcase at some point tomorrow.

few novels i don’t wanna keep but might have DiSer appeal, happy to pay shipping but might take me ages to get around to sending them

The Vanishing Act - Mette Jakobsen
Forensic Records Society - Magnus Mills
The Wallcreeper - Nell Zink
UFO In Her Eyes - Xiaolu Guo

first one is quite Tove Janssony and cute, Magnus Mills is always good, didn’t like the others that much but someone might. all quite thin so should be cheap to post? who knows. off to bed now but pm me if you’re interested

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I’ve got a copy of The Third Man/ The Fallen Idol by Graham Green going spare.

From a cursory check of the bookcase, I have:

Wolf in White Van - John Darnielle
Outer Dark - Cormac McCarthy
The Quarry - Iain Banks
The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson
Post Office - Charles Bukowski

@keith if that Graham Greene hasn’t ben bagged yet I’d be interested. Despite loving Brighton Rock I have, inexplicably, never read anything else by him.

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I’ll have a look over the next week or so, I’m sure there’s a few bits I would be happy to exchange.

Good thread idea! :+1:

Send me your address and I’ll post this week.

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Michelin Camping France 2007 edition.

I’ve got a copy of Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne sitting on my desk here that can use a new home.