DiS career day: job adverts


I often have a quick look around at what’s out there in my field but am always annoyed by the vagueness of job adverts.

  • Doesn’t tell me who the company is
  • Doesn’t tell me where they’re based, beyond “East Midlands”
  • “competitive salary + benefits” doesn’t mean anything

For all I know it could be a huge pay drop to work in the back-end of Loughborough for some Brexit-wank, but I won’t find out unless they invite me for interview.

Not sure there’s a thread in this. Give it a try though, yeah?


That’s recruitment consultants stopping you applying on your own

Look what companies are in the area and field you want to work in and then look on their websites


i have to browse the jobs boards basically every day and there’s pretty much three kinds:

  • corporate mega-facility needs tech-operating robot who is ok with being completely micromanaged at every stage for middling pay
  • well-meaning but low paid production offering ‘exposure’ with a ‘great production team’ that will be entered into festivals that nobody has ever heard of
  • hi we’re from the BBC or somewhere and we have an actual job and a budget to pay people for what we need doing


Job adverts (for coding) are so annoying.


With regards to vague salary details I always phone the company / recruiter to find out the salary bracket / budget. It seems pointless to spend ages on an application to find out the salary is lower than what you’re already on!


this is far too sensible for me to have ever thought of doing


Got my first recruiter call in a while the other day. It was for a company that used to be my client in my old job. I immediately turned it down because they were a bunch of weirdos.

Didn’t say that, though.


I’ve been ignoring calls from agents. They’ve started sending me texts


Any emoji action?


It means they pay shit and want to lowball you.


No but there’s a weirdly placed exclamation marks which means I can’t let them edit my cv


I kept ignoring some and they rang on the office line.

Not a lot you can say to them in an open plan office with everyone listening in.


“Are they looking for 747 pilots?”


haha they’re always ringing my work number, completely bizarre.


Seriously, the best jobs I got were from recruitment agencies. They know my skills and experience, they know the salary range I’m after. I sat back and let them do the work for me. I did look at adverts when I was job hunting. But it was an agency that specialised in my area of work that came through for me.