DiS catch up, Q&A, that sort of shit


@hip_young_gunslinger have you worn your cap out and about at all?


Good thread idea


Hi @JDonBalonz, thanks for reaching out.

I don’t think I have worn it outdoors since purchase, however, I will be travelling to the USA at the end of May and intend to take it with me to showcase there.


They will love it! Likewise I would never be seen dead in France without a beret on my head.


and a baguette down the trousers as well right? :wink:


It is true, it should go down well “over there”, but I still regret the purchase as there are other baseball caps I think I would have preferred to wear if given the opportunity.


I prefer a croissant with one end poking out over the waistband.


Got the flat to myself this eve, what should I do?


Question for @NoahVale: Any update on your workplace drama?


I got home early today and did the washing, made a bean chilli and posted on here. It’s bee/an a blast.


I got woken up at 9 by the taxi driver I pay rent to and have done similar chores since then. I have no work until Thursday so I may start some sort of mosaic made of shredded takeaway menus or something.


They are still at it


Seventeen wanks.


I’ll be frank with you Epimer my sex drive’s through the floor at the moment.


Maybe just a dozen then.


Powerful hips


Ok, but can I still be Epimer?


In my role plays the other people are always Epimer.


Dad joke rating in here is very strong.


@Bamnan : any new music in the offing?
@meowington : how much are you paying for toast these days?
@cowcow : when’s the next AQOS?