DIS CD swap v7 - WATER

PM me if you want to take part in this one - its all about the H2O - oceans, rivers, canals, taps, seas, rain, drips whatever.

Deadline of a week on Sunday to express an interest and get addresses to me. As usual it would be useful to PM me again with your details even if you’ve done so before.

Again, I’ll try and accommodate those who wish to do a single swap as well as those who like to do 5. but if you don’t mention if your message to me I’ll assume you want to do three.

Rules, what few they are, are in previous threads:

In for 3 again please. PM sent.

Cool, this should be interesting, in for 3 - PM on the way.
I still owe feedback from Space, which I will complete this weekend.

Brilliant! Yes. In for three. Will pm.

I get the feeling this could easily become an entire REM CD as almost all of their songs seem to reference water…but I will exercise self control.

Question: is this people sending CDRs of music, or just actual albums?

A CDR of tracks that fit to the theme in some way. Some folks use Garageband or Audacity to mix the tracks together, put in film samples etc to make it more of a “mix”.

If you say you’re in for three you will send your mix to three DiSsers and you will get three different ones back (not necessarily from the dissers you sent to) etc.

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Will check if I have any CDrs first.

file under water

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in for three again. I still owe @shucks feedback on his(?) space mix. Promise I will get it up this weekend!

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In for three, PM sent.

Will post reviews of the Space one in the next week or so.

In (the ocean) and for 3 .

Water way to have a good time…

I’m in for three please. Thanks as ever for organising Prob!


Go on then. Already thrown a CD-length playlist together when the theme was suggested (though still need to work out the order) but wasn’t sure if it’s too boring. Fuck it.

I’ll do three again, despite being a bit dispirited at only getting feedback on one of my three last time. Might be my last time.

I’m in - probably three but I’ll make that decision when I email my address.

I’m hoping someone will like this so I get a notification to remind me to do it.

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Hope not bornin69, this is one of the best things about DiS.

The proportion of people actually sending out their mixes seems to have improved over the last couple of rounds (as has the effort being put in). I used to go for five in the hope of actually receiving three, but got a full set last time. Only one on my recent send list who I had a feeling might be freeloading and turned out was the case.

Hopefully you’ve got some feedback yet to come - still a few glowing embers from the last round.

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Really love the sound of this theme, but I’ve still got to give feedback on my space mixes and it took me ages to get my space mix sent out. Just too busy at the moment unfortunately. Looking forward to reading the rest of this thread though, having these regular mix swaps is a great idea.

In for 3 please

In for 3 please!

yeah i think i got very little feedback on my winter mix which was a little bit disheartening but got feedback on all my mixes again this time round which was nice.

i usually try to sit out the odd round here and there cos of the effort involved (and the growing pile of received CDs in my room) unless it’s a theme i feel i can get some mileage out of. feel like the same bands often pop up on my mixes a lot though so not sure how much further i’ll be able to take it