DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


@DustyNothing, thanks for your mammoth and interesting water mix. I knew about a third of the artists (Sufjan, Royal Trux, etc), so in general, it was a good voyage of discovery for me. Overall, the front half of the mix worked a lot better than the back half, in that it was more cohesive (and more my kind of thing) – your tastes sound like you might enjoy the Green Man Festival!

Highlights were the opener (great opening track, is that typical of Mutual Benefit?), Eagle/Deer (reminiscent of Siouxie, great!), Ibeyi (great rhythm, seductive vocals and backing) and Shogu Tokumara (I have very little Japanese music outside of Asobi Seksu and the Lost In Translation soundtrack, really enjoyed this one). Looking at the interweb, it seems most of these are on bandcamp, which I have to say is becoming a brilliant resource for new music.

Of the rest, I also enjoyed the Wildbirds & Peacedrums track, though I found the chap’s vocals a little jarring, the Portishead track was totally atypical of anything I’ve heard of theirs before, and I also liked most of the bands with animals in their names…

Nice artwork and font too, very tidy - thanks again for putting it together and giving me some new artists to follow up!


@keith, Thanks for your very enjoyable water mix!

While I’m familiar with a lot of the artists, I hadn’t heard a lot of the tracks on your mix, so much of it was new for me. Getting the familiar out the way first, the Campbell/Lanegan, Japandroids and Massive Attack tracks were all great (I think Heligoland holds up pretty well, this is certainly a highlight - TVOTR bloke should record some more miserable music, he’s good at it). I know 65dos from the No Mans Sky soundtrack (haven’t got the game, but heard the soundtrack in HMV in Aberdeen and picked it up) - that said, I’m less of a fan of their aggravated math rock type tracks, and this one sounds a bit like the new goth to me. Health on the other hand I’ve been meaning to check out, and I quite enjoyed this one – I’ve heard comparisons to Girl Band (who I’m a fan of). Ibeyi was also a highlight (you and DustyNothing get equal credit).

I liked the Jane’s track, is this the one Oceansize are named after? Only have Ritual (which is a masterpiece), should I look more widely? I also really enjoyed the epic Behold A Pale Horse track – don’t know them at all. Quite partial to some jazz, so the Coltrane-esque Joe Henderson was great, ditto Morphine (who I remember always being on my list of bands to check out but I never managed it), and Fela Kuti (love stuff like this, somehow don’t have any Fela Kuti though).

The only tracks I really didn’t like were Danny Brown and Slayer. Oh, and who can forget Underwater Love (nice sequencing with Sonic Youth by the way…)?! I’ll be following up Fela Kuti, Morphine, Ibeyi and Behold A Pale Horse from you mix, so much obliged…


Very astute, I have just returned from my 9th Green Man festival! Was it the leaning towards some Welsh folk/pop or the number of songs about the pouring rain that gave it away!

I knew I was going to have a busy month so when oceans was touted as a mix I got one together very early. When it ended up expanding to water I couldn’t resist tinkering with it a bit but run out of time. So regardless of your tastes I think that’s a very valid point and agree it became more a collection of songs rather than a flowing mix especially around the last third. A shame as I used your tips about Audacity on the last couple of mixes and have been really happy with how they turned out. Hopefully I’ll have a bit more free time for the next one.

Thanks for the kind words about the artwork. I probably put as much time into the designs as I do the actual mix so nice to hear it’s appreciated.

It’s also the opener on the Mutual Benefit album – Love’s Crushing Diamond –and yes it’s very typical of the sound of the rest of the 30 minutes or so. Eagle/Deer was actually a bandcamp discovery! I think it’s from a few years back and there is very little information about her. Think she was teasing there might be some new music soon so that’s reminded me to check back on her page. Again a very good indication of the sound of the rest of the album so highly recommend it. Think I picked it up on bandcamp for about £4.

Judging by the comments on here Ibeyi seemed to be on a lot of mixes and their self titled and only album so far is definitely worth picking up. I only own a couple of Shogu Tokumara albums but they are both cheery, sunny and poppy much like River Low which was taken from the album Port Entropy so that would be a good entry point.

There were a few Wildbirds & Peacedrums tracks that fitted the theme and I seem to remember choosing this one because it had the least discordant vocals on it so based on that you might want to leave investigating them any further!

Thanks again for the feedback and glad you found a few new bits to enjoy!


Thanks @DustyNothing. I’ve already bought the Eagle/Deer album and played it a couple of times (and I agree, it’s a very strong album). I put some similarly sparse desert / folk rock on my mix (Cross Record) - their Wabi Sabi album from last year is fantastic and available on bandcamp. Some of their early recordings are free (though I’d not spotted that til just now). Will look into all the recommendations you’ve made above too…

I know what you mean on mixing stuff together, sometimes it just doesn’t lend itself well to the tracks that work for the mix. I’ve got an instrumental oceans mix kicking about (Fennesz, Hecker, Philip Jeck, Windy & Carl) and a ‘hydrological cycle’ mix too which starts up in the glaciers and ends out in the estuary - it was going to be part of a two cd extravaganza with the mix I’ve actually sent out but I wasn’t happy with the flow of tracks. I found this one really hard actually thinking it was going to be one of the easier ones! Apocalypse is still my favourite…


I’ve really been enjoying your cd, thanks @woweezowee! Very folky-type start to it, but it’s the type of alt-folk (?) that I quite enjoy listening to.

Not heard of either Amalgamated Sons of Rest or Volcano Choir before, but really liked both. ASOR is very lovely and subdued, and the Volcano Choir song/tune really reminds me of another song, but I can’t quite place it. I was just about to say that the singer sounds a bit like Bon Iver, despite me not having listened much to him, and a quick google seems to say that it is him; so well done, my ears!

I had an album of James Yorkston’s from many years ago, but I think I returned it to the shop (Virgin/Our Price no doubt) as I was a poor student and didn’t love it enough to keep, but I should go back and listen to more as I might enjoy him more now that I am less poor.

The Quasi and Alela Diane songs are also nice. Tunng I have a few albums of, although I swayed through liking and being a bit indifferent to some of their songs. But I definitely remember this song from their first (?) album.

Listening Center is just some noises manipulated about it seems, so I can’t form much of an opinion, but it’s fine! & I am a big fan of Why? (and included a different song of theirs on my mix), but I don’t recognise this song. Is it from an old album or ep?

Matt Elliott almost sounded like he might be too much of a ramshackle sort of sound, but I ended up really quite enjoying it. Very nice. I know of King Creosote (well, Scottish, maybe Fence records or some such?) and a similar sort of style as James Yorkston I think?

The next few songs are probably my least favourite part of the cd. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is another chap whose album I had bought in my student days, and liked but returned because I didn’t like enough (ahh, the days when you could return cds if you didn’t like them). Not too keen on this live song, maybe because his voice seems a bit less polished. Actually, I do sort of like the Long Fin Killie song, even though it seems a bit more rough around the edges than I would normally like, although the ending is a bit too waily maybe. Stephen Malkmus/Pavement have never done too much for me from what I’ve heard - nice enough, but doesn’t grab me. & the Decemberists - I have their Her Majesty album, but I never listened too much. I feel (rightly or wrongly) like all their songs sound the same. I keep changing between liking and disliking this song - his singing is a bit irritating at times when he stresses the words, but I really quite like the lady singing bit, although he comes back and the song almost never ends!

I haven’t listened to much of Bjork, despite quite liking some songs of hers, and other artists which probably sound like her, but she does have a great voice. I only have one album of Grizzly Bear’s (and a Department of Eagles album), but I haven’t had the big love for them that I think I should have, considering their sounds. Aha, this song is from the album I have of theirs, and is a nice song.

The 91plus song is a nice bit of electro-instrumental stuffs. Ooh, I’ve only just realised that the next song is a sample of the actual JFK (as opposed to a band) speaking over The Album Leaf. I know of The Album Leaf, but never properly listened to a whole album of theirs. Lovely tune and mix for the samples!

I’m a big fan of Beirut, and have been ever since first hearing (and playing to death) Postcards From Italy ten or more years ago. Whereas I really don’t know much of Nina Simone’s songs other than My Baby Just Cares For Me, which I really love. I don’t love the Take Me To The Water song as much, but it’s a nice end to the album.

ok, there we go! I really have enjoyed the cd, and is probably my most listened to of all the cds I’ve received so far, probably because it’s quite similar to a lot of my tastes, so thank you!


Your cd has arrived today, and I’m looking forward to it! I’ve previously found and liked some other bands you’ve posted on the board, and I already know and really like three or so songs on your mix’s tracklist, so hopefully I’ll enjoy the rest also!


I’m glad you liked most of it!

I totally agree with you about Heligioland. It’ll never be my favourite Massive Attack but it’s totally underappreciated. Alice Coltrane plays harp on The Elements by Joe Henderson (where Water came from) which is one of my favourite jazz albums.

I have a bit of an odd relationship with Jane’s - sometimes I really can’t stomach anything about the production or the playing or the singing and other times I find them absolutely transcendental. Nothing’s Shocking isn’t as glorious as Ritual but you’d probably like it. This track was one I was least sure of including.

I don’t know Girlband at all and might check them out if they sound at all like that HEALTH track. It’s not the most representative but I’d say it’s from their best album.

BAPH are actually mates of my brother. The album is available on Bandcamp or Soundcloud but I didn’t pay for it and thought I’d try to widen their exposure! They’re much more psychedelic live.


Thanks for The Paternum - I’ve got swaps of all of the other tokoloshe* if you’re looking.

I really liked the Portico Quartet and Colin Stetson - I know other stuff by both and I’ve not bothered looking for more. I bought the album Colin Stetson released with Sarah Neu last year and I’ve been a bit wary of the newer one because it can’t be as good as NHW2 (can it?)

I also really enjoyed the electronic ones (Fluence/ Microlith/ Varg.) There was one of those I think I really liked a vocal sample but my internet is playing up and can’t remember which. I liked the Banks track too.

Wasn’t dead keen on the indier bits of the last quarter but overall I really enjoyed the mix and the artwork.

*Fucking hell - I’ll never get a better chance to include Tokoloshe Man by Happy Mondays, will I?


sorry for the delay in feedback lads, been a bit swamped (no pun intended)

@ninetyeightytwo i was familiar with very little on yours beforehand, only recognised about 3 tracks (though was familiar with a couple of other artists). some nice little quiet electronic pieces, particularly Boards of Canada who are always a good shout. also enjoyed the Joni Mitchell and Dennis Wilson tracks. i should really listen to more Joni. nice little bit of jazz with Charlie Parker who i’ve meant to look up before in my quest to get into more jazz.

the Muggs track very much caught my ear, had to Google as i was unfamiliar with the name, wasn’t expecting it to be the Cypress Hill DJ. does he have any other stuff along these lines?

there were quite a few here that aren’t really the kind of thing i’d really listen to, like Double, and it confirmed that i still don’t like Prince (controversial i know) but a nice little step out of my comfort zone at least. thanks!


Sorry about the slight delay in getting feedback to you dollars but now had a good few listens to your Spotify mix.

A scattering of stuff I know and love – Ibeyi, Banks, Julia Jacklin, Chromatics, Graham Coxon with a big chunk of unknowns.

Great start with JT a track/album that would invariably be put on in my younger pre drinking/going out days and then Ibeyi which also made my mix and a lot of others it seems. Banks just missed the cut in my final mix.
I’m bit of a sucker for slacker, fuzzy, gloomy guitar bands so the big plusses for me where the Forth Wanderers and Yowler tracks. Not sure how I have missed hearing about either of these guys but will be rectifying that. Are they new bands?

I’ve read a bit about Marika Hackman and how she has gone from a softer folky sound to grunge and I’ve heard the Boyfriend and really enjoyed it so another one to investigate further.

Christian Loffler was the other real standout for me. I don’t listen to much electronic music but when I do I prefer the more ambient, field recording, warmer sounding stuff so this track was perfect. Is this a true reflection of his sound and if so where would be a good place to start?


Hi @paulo13, really glad you enjoyed the mix. I pushed the maritime side of the theme as I had some interesting choices in that direction and thought it would all hold together well. Early drafts were a bit too pretty overall, so I tried to retain some rough edges and make it less ‘coffee shop’.

Amalgamated Sons of Rest was a one off project between Will Oldham, Jason Molina & Alisdair Roberts. There were a couple of other candidates on the EP for the mix, but I think this one is really beautiful and sets off the voyage nicely.

Volcano Choir have done two albums now – both very different. This one is from Unmap, which is really loose structured and ambient in parts. Good record for late night pondering with a large whiskey. The follow up record (Repave) is much more bombastic with recognisable verses and choruses. Both good.

James Yorkston’s debut (Moving Up Country) is a great place to start with him if you want to investigate further. The follow up which Shipwreckers is from is much more of a slow burner.

I probably didn’t help you much with that Listening Center selection. It’s comfortably the least structured piece on the album, the rest is kind of lo-fi Kraftwerky. I’ve been listening to it recently as it got a vinyl reissue, so was tempted to include a watery selection from it. I also thought it broke up the folky stuff. The Why? track is taken from their Oaklandazulasylum album which google tells me is their second. It’s a pretty good album, though I find the anticon guys pretty interchangeable and though I often enjoy them, it’s only usually in short bursts.

I think that Long Fin Killie one is a lost classic and love how his dramatic vocals interact with the fuzzed up ranting from Mark E Smith. I don’t know much else by them.The Malk and Decemberists songs made the cut because both great stories. I thought if I was going down the seafaring route, I should include some good sea tales. I had a couple of other post-Pavement project songs on my long list from Preston School of Industry which are probably better, but made way to accommodate these.

If you want to check out more Bjork, then Medulla which is entirely acapella apart from beatboxing, multitracked voices and choirs which this is from is probably not the best entry point. Any of Post (big tunes) , Homogenic (big tunes and beautiful arrangements) or Vespertine (beautiful arrangements) are worth your time.

You’re right on JFK being a sample not a band. It made my OCD itch a little that I added a sample about the sea to one of the few non-sea inspired songs on there, but aesthetically it worked well & I like the speech.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I appreciate you taking the time :slight_smile:


i like Yorkston a lot but find all his albums a bit hit and miss - Just Beyond The River feels like the most consistent to me (though i haven’t listened to Moving Up Country much so it’s well overdue a revisit). i think it’s the heavy use of banjo on JBTR that reels me in more.


@maggieloveshopey your mix was very much up my street. not very much that i knew beforehand but a few artists that i knew would appeal to me.

Jawbreaker are one i often see mentioned a lot but had never got around to checking them out properly. this song stood out for me immediately, really enjoyed it. is 24 Hour Revenge Therapy the best album to start with then?

i didn’t think i knew the Neil Young song but it sounded a bit familiar somehow. i’ve never really gone beyond 70s Young but this is pretty good actually, is the rest of the album worth checking out?

i was gonna say don’t think i’ve ever heard of Norma Waterson before but i’ve just noticed she has a guest appearance on another James Yorkston album - another one of his i’ve not listened to in a while. anyway i enjoyed her, great voice. i like me a bit of folk but don’t know a great deal about the English folk scene.

i only heard of Rachel’s a couple of years ago when i saw their name while researching a little list-article on Touch & Go Records, then they were one of several artists my friend admonished me for not including (though technically they were on a subsidiary label anyway so whatevs…) anyway i gave them a brief spin at the time and was intrigued but forgot about them. this was good and a reminder to listen to more of them.

solid choice of Sonic Youth track. Coil are another one i should investigate more. had never heard of The Sisterhood but the track sounded v post-punk which is my kinda hing.

similar to prob500, Mungo’s Hi Fi weren’t really for me but basically enjoyed all the rest, and also liked the way you mixed it together.

ALSO impressed at how you didn’t bother making the front and back cover fit properly - having repeatedly slaved away clumsily at trying to scale and cut covers out as neatly as i can manage them before always fucking it up, this was a bit of a revelation of how much easier things could be :smiley:

anyway big thumbs up to this mix, i’ll be listening more and digging deeper. cheers!


A definite maritime feel to it indeed! and I love (and can identify with!) your OCD about a song potentially not meeting the specific theme!
Just had a check, and it was James Yorkston’s debut that I had previously bought/listened to/returned those many years ago. Will have another listen now that it’s 15 years later and see what I make of it/if I recognise anything.
As for Why?, looks like I don’t have that album - I have the Early Whitney and Sanddollars eps, so will investigate that missing one. I do quite enjoy Why?, and I also still listen lots to his joint album with Fog under the name of Hymie’s Basement - superb album. Wish they would do a second one.


@Trev @Scagden @howtobealone

Posted your mixes this afternoon, expect something soon.


@ninetyeightytwo this was an interesting mix. The first couple of tracks set it up as quite an experimental one, and then it swerves all over the place (which is a good thing!). I liked the Muggs track a lot, I’m going to have to check the album out, especially as a quick google tells me it’s got Greg Dulli singing on it. I was into the Frank Flight Band song as well - didn’t like it all for the first minute or two, but that long sustained build got to me in the end. The Prince track is a good one from an album that I haven’t been back to in ages. Joni Mitchell is one of those artists who has slipped through my net. Funnily enough, there’s a (different) track of hers on one of the other water mixes I received (see below). I know people love her, but I’m still not sold, to be honest. I am old enough to remember the Double track first time round. Imagine a song like that getting into the top ten now…
Anyway, I liked this overall, there was quite an exotic / otherworldly feel running through it, but in a kind of vintage way if that makes sense - the closing Bo Hansson track encapsulates all of that.

@bornin69x first off, I liked the sleeve on this one a lot. Simple, but very effective. There’s a few songs on here I knew in advance - saw the Springsteen on the tracklist and kicked myself for not thinking of it. I have vivid memories of walking up and down our flat in the middle of the night and singing it to my newborn daughter in an effort to get her to sleep. The Bunnymen & Decemberists songs are other “why didn’t I think of that” tracks, Mac’s lot in particular knocking out a proper all time classic here. I liked the simple garage rock of the Standells track that gives the mix it’s name, and Lykke Li is a decent pop tune. I’m a big reggae head, so the Burning Spear track wasn’t unknown, but very welcome. The Triffids are one of those bands I’ve been aware of, but never really paid much attention to. Not sure that this song will change my mind - it sounds very much of its time, doesn’t it? I love that they called an album Calenture though. Smog are similar, someone else I feel I should have heard more of. I liked this one a lot, so perhaps I will investigate more at last. I really liked the reworking of the Jaws theme, but I can’t work out who it’s by - your tracklisting has Lalo Siffre, which I guess is either Lalo Schifrin or Labi Siffre or is it some more recent mashup of the two? Sounds more like Schifrin, but I’ve been wrong before. Oh my God, have I been wrong before. This was my favourite track on the mix by quite a distance, it’s great. The Eno is a nice finish as well - I only have his Apollo album, and really should try some more.

Thanks again to both of you!


Good to hear that you liked it. To answer some of your questions

  • yes, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy is definitely the place to start with Jawbreaker. It’s a great album. All the others have their merits, even the much maligned Dear You, but this one is the best.

  • the Neil Young track is off his 1995(ish) album Mirrorball. For my money, it was his last good record before he went into another of his slumps (one he still isn’t out of), but that is not exactly a unanimous view amongst his fans. Pearl Jam are his backing band on the album, which may or may not affect your desire to hear it. Other post 70s Young albums worth listening to are Ragged Glory, Sleeps With Angels and about 75% of Freedom (plus the Eldorado EP if you can find it). Other than that, it’s mostly acoustic meh (I like electric Neil) or filler.

  • The Sisterhood have an unusual history. Once the original Sisters Of Mercy line up split, the ones who weren’t Andrew Eldritch wanted to call themselves The Sisterhood, but Eldritch wasn’t having that, and quickly knocked together an LP and rush released it under the Sisterhood name to lay claim to the name. It’s all primitive synths and drum machines, and you can tell it’s a rush job (the lyrics of one song are just someone reading the instruction manual for an AK-47), but I really like it. The disappointed ex-Sisters decided to call themselves The Mission instead, and we all know how that turned out.

See upthread for the explanation of the mis-sized sleeve. I’d love to ascribe it to a casual, devil may care, insouciance but it was more technical ineptitude, I’m afraid.


It’s Lalo Schifrin of course - typed in haste. Glad you liked it.


I’m back from my holiday to the last two CD’s - so they’ll be going with me on my commute to and from work next week. Will hopefully have some feedback by the weekend!


Nice cover!