DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


Yeah, I know some of those other anticon records you mention. Hymie’s Basement is a good record, though like with all the others I find, in limited measures. There’s a Fog lyric on another album that goes “I declare today to be what a day day” which is a phrase that goes through my head whenever I’ve had a crap day. I don’t know how easy early records by these bands are to find, so if you struggle, drop me a PM and I can send you a file of the Oakland… album via dropbox.

@Icarus-Smicarus - I got pretty obsessed with Moving Up Country when it came out. It’s quite an immediate album - the melodies are strong and the arrangements are full, and so I was initially underwhelmed by Just Beyond The River as it was much more pared back. I kept coming back to it though and it clicked after a while. Now I really like the rootsy sound. There are a few other water themed songs on it too.

I think it’s one well worth a revisit guys.


Thanks, the Oakland album is available on eMusic so I’ll get it from there thanks. and yes, the What A Day Day lyric is one that is easy to pop up now and then! That album is my favourite of Fog’s, but I was quite pleased to really like his last album that came out last year. I think 13&God are my only other Anticon-related band that I really love, especially as half of it is The Notwist. Ooh, Thee More Shallows also - who I was happy to see on my mix from Static.
Will definitely have another listen to the Yorkston debut. Am in new music mode at the moment, but will hopefully listen soon.


oh yeah i forgot about that! i’ve also only just spotted the ‘Warer From the Same Source’ typo…

not a big Pearl Jam fan really but if Vedder’s not singing then it’s a bonus


Hi @Shucks,

Thanks a lot for your mix. Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you. I hadn’t previously heard any of the artists included, so needed a computer, cd player and speakers all at the same time to be able to provide feedback.

The Jaws snippet was a really cool way to open and it segued really well into Shark In The Water. I didn’t really like the song itself – it had a bit of a digital/pro-toolsy rock feel that I couldn’t warm to, but I liked the way they worked together. In general, I liked the more atmospheric selections better like Lonely the Brave and Heads more than the harsher, more industrial sounding tracks like the Midi Capsule Market one.

There were a couple of songs which reminded me of Ween which were fun – Sea Anemone and Riddle of Steel.

One big highlight was the Cadence Weapon track. Nice to hear some real classic sounding hiphop and that call and response thing with the distorted noise sound was cool.

Melvins were very enjoyable too. I think I’ve heard the name before, but knew nothing about them. Good song – the drums in particular are awesome and the riff was great. I’m guessing they’ve been around for a while?

I wasn’t expecting gentle country on your mix with the Billy the Kid song. She’s picked a pretty hard to google name, but I enjoyed it.

Hearing Primus was enough to confirm my suspicions that they weren’t a band for me, and the same with NOFX (though I’m guessing that song isn’t especially representative of them). It was fun listening to something outside of my usual listening though, and I’ve got a few to follow up. Thanks for putting together and for sending! :slight_smile:


That’s okay!

The Jaws snippet is from a mashup album, that’s a bit hit and miss, but is full of weird 70/80/90’s movie snippets for some reason! Hounds are a bit of an acquired taste. Glad to hear the Lonely the Brave and Heads stuff went down well, great bands. Riddle of Steel are amazing - if you’re after a stoner rock band that sound like Cheap Trick.

Melvins have been about for ages - only got 3 of their albums (they’ve got bloody loads) but that song, Billy Fish is from Nude With Boots which is quality and has the double-drumming line up which is badass.

Re: Billy the Kid - yeah, bit hard to google. She also creates music under her actual name as well: https://billypettinger.bandcamp.com/ - worth checking out. Got into her stuff through and Xtra Mile Records Comp. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is a solid album.

Haha, the NOFX song on the end is a total joke and nothing like their stuff, but is their humour. The fella who sings on it, isn’t even in the band anymore.

Glad you found some good stuff though - thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


@p_a_u_l, @WardrobeGruber and @howtobealone, just wanted to check you’d received my water mix, it should have arrived a couple of weeks back. No worries if you’ve not had a chance to listen to it yet.


yes, got it thanks. will be listening this week. :+1:

EDIT: got yours too @WardrobeGruber!


Wicked, you never know with the royal mail…


Got it and listened to it a couple of times in the car. Away with work again so will revisit and feedback
@DustyNothing also given yours a couple of spins in the car.
Liked both but can’t remember which one is which at this present moment :flushed:

@keith yours didn’t play in the car so not listened yet


Mine’s the one with the old DiS logo as the cd…


Yours arrived today @WardrobeGruber
Love the cover, most of the tracklist looks unfamiliar to me so I’m looking forward to listening later this week.


Give me a shout if it won’t work - I checked it in my car stereo.


It has arrived. Only just finished putting mine together, so will start listening to those received this coming week.


Ah, double drummer would account for the awesomeness of those Melvins drums!

Thanks for the link and the rest of the info.


Thanks mate, arrived earlier this week but I’ve not had an opportunity to listen, look forward to wrapping my ears around it this morning!


Well by happy co-incidence this seems like a perfect accompaniment to a lazy saturday morning at home… Really enjoyed my first listen through. Especially enjoyed the opening, the way the first two tracks blend together and the liquid sounds very appropriate for the theme.
Already a fan of Carla Del Forno but most of the rest of the tracks here were unknown to me, which is great as these CDs work best when they get you into new stuff.
I like the gender balance on the CD too; I’ve had some compilations before that have been entirely male which I find off-putting. Some of the voices about halfway through the mix were definite contenders for the ASMR thread too. Going to need some repeat listens with the track list in front of me to work out my real favourites but one of the things I liked about it best was how it all hung together as one coherent mix. Thanks mate.


I’ve posted this onto Mixcloud with a tracklist and timestamped so you can see what is playing.


@Prob500 - did the replacement mix arrive okay? I apologise for the artwork. Yours is very limited edition :smiley:



Many thanks for the mix was an interesting listen and one I’d probably enjoy far more about 10 or 15 years ago mainly because my tastes have changed over the years, moving away from guitar-indie. I find with a lot of music from this genre that it can be very conservative in both influence and experimentation, it speaks to the past but doesn’t necessary look to both the now and future.

Unfortunately, you started with Mark Lanegan whom I find your archetypal dull and earnest indie troubadour, he’s very much your meat and potatoes when I want something a little more a la carte. Danny Brown was a nice change of direction but hamstrung by the repetitive structure of the track, I was waiting for a change of speed or style but it rigidly stuck to its formula throughout. The 65 Days of Static track I was aware of, a reasonable track for the background but not much else. The next three were not my cup of tea, my notes say too rock which kind of sums it all up. Joe Henderson was another nice change of direction if a little too long, whilst I’ve never liked Jesus Lizard. Sonic Youth have always been love/hate with me and this one was not one of their best. Smoke City is a track I know very well and like a lot, one I’d originally listed for my mix but didn’t include because it did not match the feel of the rest. The Slayer track was probably the one I liked least as I’ve never got on with metal of any kind. Morphine are another band that did nothing for me at the time and this track did nothing to dispel this view. Fela Kuti was OK, Ibeyi probably the track I liked most that I had not heard before, whilst Massive Attack was a good finish.

As I said above my younger self would have liked this mix a lot more but my tastes have moved away from much which is on here. Still I did enjoy listening it far beats the rubbish on Radio 1. If it’s any consolation a good friend whom I played it to on long a car journey thinks it’s brilliant and your mix provided much meat to the debate we had.


Thanks for your mix it was an enjoyable listen and coherent throughout regarding the subject matter and where you wanted it to go. I knew quite a lot of tracks and those I didn’t I knew of the artists.

EMA was a good start if a little long, though I prefer her later stuff when she started adding electronics to the mix. I used to have a housemate in the early 1990s who was a diehard Gallon Drunk fan who despite constant playing at loud volumes often at unseemly hours in the morning I’ve never taken to them, they always seemed to me to be a cut price Nick Cave. You’re Jovian have left a complete blank despite a number of plays, Julie Byrne and Richard Hawley are both nice but not something I’d seek out. Albatross is a classic from the days when Fleetwood Mac were actually good and hadn’t started sleeping with each others husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends, and suited your mix very well. Grizzly Bear and Guided By Voices have always been generic guitar indie for me and have never done enough to gain my attention. Julianna Barwick was ethereal and delicate and suited the mix very well. I have the Verve track but haven’t played it for over 20 years mainly because in the intervening period I’ve grown to intensely dislike Richard Ashcroft’s rock god persona. Laura Veirs I liked, Tom Waits I didn’t. Really liked the Pram track it broke up what I feel was a mix that was becoming a little bit samey, suddenly there was an element of uncertainty about where it was going which I like in compilations of this ilk. I knew the Rozi Plain song, another artist I find a bit hit and miss, but this track suited the playlist. Grouper and Cross Record didn’t leave much of an impression but you did end with an excellent Moby track.

All in all an enjoyable mix and very coherent regarding the subject, I felt I was going on a waterborne journey somewhere and the Pram track nicely indicated things were not going to be calm and plain sailing.


Thanks @WardrobeGruber for your detailed feedback. I’m glad that you enjoyed the mix, even if it wasn’t quite a (sea) voyage of discovery. Sometimes, the theme lends itself well to a story (which I felt it did in this case) and sometimes it doesn’t (in which case I tend to be a bit more daring with the selections). This mix is only really representative of some of the music I listen to and omits a lot of electronica, drone and jazz (which I usually manage to squeeze into other mixes).

Not sure which artists you’d be interested in following up, but of the ones you seemed to like, Laura Veirs is very good - I think she peaked with Year of Meteors, Carbon Glacier and July Skies. Saltbreakers (from which the track on this mix was taken) is one of her weaker albums. Pram are an early Too Pure artist, and probably experimental enough that you’d find them worth a go. Try starting with Helium.

I agree with you on Dicky Ashcroft. He’s a massive tit. But between their early EPs and A Storm In Heaven they made some of my favourite music. There were highlights on A Northern Soul (Stormy Clouds, Life’s An Ocean - used here, a few others), but generally gave up on them after that. Apparently Nick McCabe is most happy with Forth, but I can’t see why. Ashcroft’s last video was so awful I think I’ll repost it here (he genuinely must have been taking the piss?):

Thanks again for your feedback - I’d rather have lengthy honesty than no feedback at all!