DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


THanks @shucks just got home from end of the rd and your discs were waiting for for me. Thanks for the bonus too - feedback to follow.


Hi @static, some feedback for your cd! It would have been sooner but then I got distracted by a lovely album from Bodies of Water, and then lots of investigations for End of the Road festival.

Firstly, I really like the nice pastel-y paper wavey type cover.

From your cd, I already know/have the songs by Apparat, Thee More Shallows, and Therese Aune. I only have that one album by Apparat, but I absolutely love that song, so I’m not sure why I hadn’t included it on my cd. It was nice to hear Thee More Shallows again, as I don’t listen to them enough. It would be great if they somehow got together again and released something new. I saw Therese Aune play last year, supporting Einar Stray Orchestra, although as she was playing solo she didn’t play my favourite song of hers (Vapid House). The Ocean Roar song is also one of the better ones from her album I think.

As for the rest, I had heard a couple of their songs many years ago (and have seen twice as a support act, for Loney Dear and Efterklang), but not sure why I never clicked enough to properly investigate and listen to more. This song is really good, and a great start to the cd - almost sounding a bit like Therese Aune with her singing. Are they still releasing music now?

Nick Huggins’ song is nice, albeit very quiet and brief so hard to remember, but might try out his other stuff.
The Power Animal vocals sort of remind me of the Flotation Toy Warning singer. I love the sounds being distorted or manipulated, or whatever is happening.
The Tarwater song reminds me of an old Kid Loco album I have, I think. It’s so relaxed and has a lovely sound to it.
Bloodgroup is a quite nice electro-poppy tune. I know of Alias, from Anticon, but never listened to him I think. Nice to hear Why?/Yoni pop up in the second half, but I think I might even prefer the first half with Alias’ singing more. & The Boats’ song is another nice relaxed/warm sounding song like The Tarwaters, very good.
I think the Snow Palms song might be my favourite. Lovely xylophone/vibraphone instrumentalness - just quite perfect from start to finish.
I think the only song I didn’t really like was the Juno song - just a bit too guitarry and fuzzy for me maybe. Actually, I started off absolutely hating it and was convinced I would skip it on future listens, but it then just progressed to not being too awful as I got used to it. So that was progress!

Anyhow, this is now officially my favourite mix I’ve received from the four themes I’ve participated in, so thank you very much. I’ve listened to it lots so far, and imagine I will continue to do so!


Thanks for the great feedback Paulo, I know are tastes often align nicely in places. I completely accidentally stole curvy scissors from my kids school, glad they came in useful for the cover.

Thee more shallows tweeted back in Feb that they are working on new stuff, all my digits crossed, often think of them as my favourite indie band / band. Apparat absolutely up there in my top 3 electronic artists too.
W & P still releasing - 4th album last year and the singer has her second solo out this year as Mariam the Believer, again def one of my fav vocalists, your doing much better than me on the live front though, never seen them.
I think Nick Huggins first album is his strongest, (shipwrecked) stronger song structures with loads of nice half sung half spoken vocals.
I read flotation TW had a new album out, been meaning to check it out, I liked the one with the geese? on the cover. Resurgam and Muted are both really good Alias records - I think best track his best track is still ‘Unseen Sights’ though featuring the Notwist singer.
Snow Palms is lovely, whole album is good, although all very much the same xylophone feel across it. Fair enough on the Juno track, I always have to put a long one near the closer be it post rock or ambient drone. Leave a clean camp… of the same album is still one of the best post rock songs there is mind.

Thanks again for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.


VG WAS, Zazzle


Thanks for the great cd @WardrobeGruber
Great presentation and the whole mix flows really nicely. Have been thoroughly enjoying in the car on my works commute over the past week or so.
I was only familiar with a couple of the artists, but didn’t know any of the songs.
A couple of real stand outs for me. Particularly loved the A Certain Ratio track, I’d never investigated them previously but will be rectifying this.
Cheers again. This mix will get more spins.


Glad you enjoyed it, the A Certain Ratio track comes from their Sextet album, by far their best.


@bornin69x sorry i’ve been meaning to post your feedback for ages.

originally assumed the title was referring to the GBV song (as mentioned above) but instead it’s The Standells who i’ve never heard of but was a nice little slice of 60s garage rock. I like a few bands of that ilk but have never really explored further, though always meant to give the Nuggets comps a go.

Haven’t heard the Lykke Li one in a couple of years so was quite nice to hear that again, same for the Decemberists one later on. I’ve never been a big Springsteen fan, though my mum loves him, but I don’t mind his more acoustic stuff so The River was alright (i’ve probably heard it before but can’t remember). I’ve always meant to have a proper listen to Nebraska as it seems like one I’d find alright, I gather The River album isn’t generally an acousticy album though no?

I had the same Smog track on mine, and Ocean Rain is a classic, while I didn’t know this VU song which i liked. I’ve never investigated their rarer stuff, in fact I rarely listen to them beyond Cale’s tenure.

My friend is always trying to get me into The Go-Betweens, they’re one of those bands where i’ll hear a song and think it’s decent but not be too bothered about listening to anymore. This is one of the better ones I’ve heard by them.

I think we’ve had the same conversation about The Triffids before, but I’ve never got round to anything beyond In The Pines before which I gravitated towards on reading it was self-recorded in a cabin and therefore likely to have the least overwrought 80s production. I know Born Sandy Devotional is supposed to be the classic but this sounds a bit too typical 80s for me really. I’ll still check out the album eventually, I often need to just get used to this sort of production over the course of an album until the songs start to jump out more but so far it’s confirming my In The Pines leanings!

Didn’t dislike anything on here, Electrelane were also cool (always meant to listen to more of them too). Have been seeing Richard Dawson’s name around a lot lately, this wasn’t quite what I was expecting, took a while to get going but turned into a nice instrumental. Is he generally instrumental or is this more of an outlier?

Thanks and sorry again for the delay!


That was one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard, I’m quite glad I’ve heard it in a weird way

‘Hold on, hold on, hold onnnn… tear gas and pepper spray’ omg


Thanks for the feedback glad you liked it generally.

I’m no Springsteen obsessive myself - for a long time I thought Nebraska would be the only album I liked, but The River has become a favourite. It’s about 50:50 brooding acoustic stuff/rock n roll type stuff. I prefer the former although the latter has grown on me. The title track is his greatest song, I think, and has one of the greatest verses ever written by anyone (the one with the line about the reservoir).

You should definitely listen to The Go-Betweens - one of my favourite bands. You might prefer their early records which are a bit more angular New-wavey. Triffids are great too although I take your point about production. I would agree that In The Pines has aged best for the reasons you state. All the other albums are great too, but you do have to adjust to the production. Again the early stuff (collected on a great compilation called Beautiful Waste) might be a good place to start.

Richard Dawson is a hero of mine - a truly unique and inspiring artist. His earlier records had a fair number of instrumentals. He is an amazing and unique guitarist as you can hear - I originally had a John Fahey track in that space but decided I actually liked the Richard Dawson track more (quite something to say). His lyrics are amazing as well. I would encourage you to check out either of his last two albums Nothing Perfect of Peasant.


Oops, just seen my random ‘VG WAS, Zazzle’ post above. Think my mobile phone must have been typing away by itself.

Anyhow, that’s excellent news about Thee More Shallows! Would love to hear something new from them, and hope it matches up to expectations.
& ta for W&P info. I knew of the name Mariam The Believer, but never put the two together. Looks like she’s playing in London at the end of November anyhow.
& Flotation Toy Warning have only released two albums: the ‘geese’ one, and their new one this year. Not very prolific! It’s not as good as their first album, (which I love lots), but I have been listening to it quite a bit.
Having a listen to Unseen Sights now, as I really can’t get enough of Markus Acher’s voice. It’s sounding quite lovely, thanks! Might just listen to it a few times now I think.


Hey @prob500, thanks a lot for your mix, there’s been plenty on here to enjoy. I knew a few of the songs well already - Smog, Silver Jews, Cat Power & Bonnie Prince Billy. I included My Home Is The Sea on my mix, but went for the version from his live album of the same name with Harem Scarem instead. Don’t know if you’re familiar with that album, but it’s a beauty.

Really strong opening. The Low & Dirty Three song was a nice, slow building opener. The Loscil track was great and I hadn’t heard them before - where would be good to start? The King Gizzard track was cool too - I watched some of their Glasto set and thought they were a bit too jammy for me, but this was more focused, and better for it. I enjoyed The Wave Pictures too - I think I had a song of theirs from you on a previous mix and enjoyed that too. Probably time to check out one of their albums.

The Okkervil River song was good. I like how it segued into Sloop John B and I read that it’s pretty dark subject matter - inspired by a poet to jumped to his death from a bridge back in the 70s. Good Ship Venus was very funny - I heard it the first time stuck in rush hour traffic and was grinning like a loon throughout, do thanks for that.

I loved the Scout Niblett song. I’ve got her I Am record and I still persevere with it every now and again, but it’s just so brutally uncompromising - the atonal singing backed only by drums etc. Had no idea she had something like this in her locker. Is this a one off or are there any albums of hers you’d recommend?

Thanks again for sending :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the nice feedback.

I don’t listen to that Harem Scarem album much, I have some problems with Alex Neilsen’s drumming which mildly infuriates me ( his drumming put a downer on Will Oldham shows for me for a while). But perhaps I should revisit it as I have mellowed to not dislike him as much since I’ve seen the Trembling Bells a few times.

Loscil are great, pretty big back catalogue to chose from. Maybe give Sea Change (2014) a go.

I also find Scout Niblett a bit chewy, and that song is an outlier. It comes from This Fool Can Die Now, which has a couple of Oldham duets (of which Kiss is one) and is her album of hers which I find the least of an ordeal.

Oh and get yourself Instant Coffee Baby by Wave Pictures, can’t imagine you’d regret it.


Hello @ninetyeightytwo , many thanks for the water mix. Sorry for the delayed feedback - took a while to get from MP3 to CD to car (via a long holiday). I’ve had a couple of other comps from you in the past, and I’m always impressed how you get a coherent vibe running through the discs (with an eclectic selection of artists). I can definitely imagine bobbing around the waves, relaxing with a coconut juice on a coracle for the first few songs. Things like Charlie Parker or Donovan I’d never pick-up or choose to listen to under my own steam, but it all fitted together very well. Things got a bit derailed on The Captain Of Her Heart which is dripping with the sound of 1980’s production (and makes me want to capsize the coracle). Highlight of the disc was the Frank Flight song. I’m a sucker for the great American classic rock outro, and that absolutely nails it.


I guess we are on the verge of needing a theme for another one, assuming there’s still demand? End of September seemed to be the suggestion for the next one when we started this one.

All the ones we have done recently lend themselves to putting key words into iTunes and seeing what pops out. Could we move away from that?

  • for example: songs that contain samples of other songs. Or remixes.
  • back when @brainfeeder was running this enterprise ‘world music’ was a theme. Remember it being one of my favourite to put together, and would be game for it again (and would definitely like to hear what others made of this theme);
  • or halloweeen falls within this quarter and would give me a chance to dust off my Cramps collection.

Discussion and suggestions? Hopefully someone will take up the task of putting together a poll …


Thanks for all the extra info. I’ll certainly put Loscil at the top of my ‘to buy’ list - looking at their back catalogue now, their records have some pretty great artwork too. Same with Wave Pictures.

Glad I’m not alone with Scout Niblett, just wish she was a little less uncompromising.

Up for some more exchanges, though still hoping for some more feedback from this one. Remixes and samples both sound good. Would like to discover more world music too, so as long as I have enough to make a mix from myself, that would also be interesting.


How about giving it a working title like:

  • The Unhinged Mind
  • House of Terror
  • Urban Tales
  • Consumer Culture

So you can build your own story around each?


I’m on board with a Halloween themed round.


I think repeating themes is a bad idea.

I also think making it too seasonal would be a bad idea - it takes some people a couple of months from start date to send.

One or two word themes will allow people more freedom to interpret for themselves.



What about a Eurovision type themed album? One song from each European country (however many you can fit on a cd anyhow). Although I would have an abundance of choices from Denmark and a limited amount from Eastern Europe, but could be fun to investigate beforehand.
Or I’d potentially be up for that Jobs idea. At least I have thought of three songs which weren’t immediately obvious choices, but would definitely use.


I quite like the idea of jobs. Depending on what you do it could be either:

  • songs relevant to your job (by title)
  • songs about how you feel in your job
  • songs about your dream job
  • songs about a typical day at your job (a day in the life sort of thing)

I’m inclined to agree on seasonal for now, just given that we have longer to do the mixes.

Oh, and I think the one rule of the club is that we don’t talk…no, sorry, the opposite, we DO comment on any mixes we receive (or it can be a bit soul destroying…)