DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


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@shucks . Been enjoying your CDs a lot. Feedback incoming soon.


Pathetically late from me, can’t be bothered to blame work or kids, I’m just shit.

@shucks That is one meaty beast thanks, On first glance I thought it would be more heavy rock than it was, maybe typeface expectations, I knew about half the artists, and I knew that that there was a decent bit of riffage in there, Although I was raised on it and still find occasional bits of post hardcore an emo I like I often end up feeling like i don’t have enough guitar in my live. This one took me back to my younger days, listening to the likes of Primus, Jetplane and NOFX, as well as lots of stuff that reminded me of other things. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

good Jaws opening, Hounds is proper meaty, power chords. Never heard of Lonely the Brave but like the build, Seen Justice live before - good strong beats to keep the mix levels up. I enjoyed Heads, like a slow sludgy build like a meaty version of the new year, strong vocal, listened to the album too.
Never heard of riddle of steel, definitely expected something much harder, enjoyed it, good bit of dismemberment plan stylings in there.
Tim Ten Yen injects a good bit of pace change, nice and bouncy. Axis of, again not as heavy as I would have guessed particularly with the proclaimers’ish vocal, good stuff.
Mad Capsule markets, I know this track from somewhere maybe a skate video. Haven’t listened to Cave In in years, one of their best tracks for sure, same goes for Cadence Weapon on both counts. Overall a lot of the stuff on the mix isn’t what I tend to listen too these days but I really enjoyed it and I got to relive my youth a little. Thanks Shucks.


Good range on here thanks, only 4 artists I had no inkling off but that shows it’s in tune with me,

I know Low and Dirty three but hadn’t heard the collaboration before, even though I had the tortoise and karate fishtanks eps. it’s a strong opener, lovely slow build. Love the Loscil track, and all it’s under current tension, I think monument builders is probably his best work to date.
Hot water work well to keep the movement growing in to Wave Pictures, which is a nice little indie ditty structure. I’ve never heard off the renderers - but like it a lot, I don’t think it’s just the new zealand connection that makes me think of batrider who are awesome. https://batrider.bandcamp.com/album/piles-of-lies
Great Smog track, I had seagull on my shortlist but hadn’t thought of this one.
My home is the Sea was so close to going on my mix, probably my favourite bonnie prince album after I see a darkness. Silver Jews, that’s a great pick, good water chorus there.
the Sophia track is great, lazy comparison but shellac vibe and reminds me of a Rumah Sakit track too. The other 2 I hadnt heard were wainwright which is a solid comical shanty and tarnation which isn’t really my bag, that’s not a criticism, I can just be a little sensitve to elements of country music despite liking the odd phophorescent track and artists like Bonnie Prince and Damian Jurado who occasionally go that way. Overall a great mix and thoroughly enjoyed it , The renderers and sophia are definite takeaway highlights for me and I will definitely check them out further.Thanks Prob


We definitely share a similar taste when it comes to lofi indie, only 4 artists I didn’t know on first glance, again a good thing, love the dino island sketch and the title and general theme and aesthetic too.

Fantastic opening track, I’d never heard of Amalgamated sons of rest before, which is quite a feat considering I see a darkness is probably in my top 10 albums of all time and I used to listen to Songs:Ohio a lot as well.
Haven’t listened to quasi in years but had Transmogrification and Sword of God, really good band, and a good track.
Don’t know Alela Diane, obvious comaprisons can be made but really strong voice and lovely track.
I still think the first tunng album is their best, love code breaker of that album. Hadn’t heard of listening centre, but good to hear some water, I included a sontag shogun track on mine for a similar vibe. Love early Why? output, I fell in love with the first Clouddead album when it first came out and loved the first 3 why albums, I think he’s at his best when there is some reflection, sadness, or anger mixed in there, Golden tickets put me off completely but this actually inspired me to listen to the Moh Llean and there is some nice stuff on there. As I said to Prob, my home is the sea nearly went on my mix, but I like this alternate live version too, hadn’t heard of 91plus either, nice instrumental to mix it up a bit, kinda reminded me of an old banco de gaia track crossed with some bonobo or something like that. Overall a really nice flow to it all, and thoroughly enjoyed it and all it’s warm indie feelings, I’m gonna have to purchase that amalgamated album. Thanks wowee


oh wowee forgot to say about the JFK thing, although I wasn’t that keen on the last album I’ve loved album leaf from back in the tristeza days and that works really well good mixing.


how was everyone’s artwork this time round? i kept it pretty simple


Thanks for the feedback @static . I actually came to that Renderer’s track via Will Oldham. He covers it on the More Revery EP:

I did consider putting that version on my disc but given he is already over represented (he’s duetting with Scout Niblett on her track as well) i went of the original (which is also very good, like you say very Kiwi).

That EP is a cracker if you haven’t already heard it. Up there with my very favourite Oldham releases.


Hey @shucks thanks a lot for the water and bonus space discs. I’ve had 2 or 3 of your comps and it’s always a treat; very distinctive and a collection of bands that don’t appear on other compilations.

Enjoyed Hounds a lot (reminded me a lot of DX Deathrays), and really liked that Justice track. Primus were a real blast from the past (haven’t listened to them in the Sailing the Seas Of Cheese days). And the NOFX track was amusing.

With no tracklisting it’s more difficult to feedback on the space disc. Two highlights – track 5 which builds up very nicely and reminded me a bit of Deafheaven’s more mellow instrumental moments. And track 13 which made my fillings rattle (in a good way) - love that double voice action. Who were they both by?


Just missed this one, but here’s the tracklist it would have had in case anyone is interested (probably a few songs too long):

hex water tape
  1. Up The Beach - Jane’s Addiction
  2. I Am Ahab - Mastodon
  3. A Salty Salute - Guided By Voices
  4. Seagull - Ride
  5. Beneath the Waves an Ocean - Future of the Left
  6. 65’s Hole Sea Shanty Remix - 65daysofstatic
  7. Night Boat to Cairo - Madness
  8. Ships of the North Atlantic - Stapleton
  9. Sea Legs - Run the Jewels
  10. He Remembers his Burial at Sea - Macha
  11. Wave of Mutilation - Pixies
  12. Home of the Whale - Massive Attack
  13. Fear of Drowning - British Sea Power
  14. Liquid Sword - GZA
  15. Now I Gotta Wet’Cha - Ice Cube
  16. Gone Under Sea - Electrelane
  17. Diggin’ A Watery Grave - Morcheeba
  18. The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me - Tom Waits

And here’s the short version:


Hydrogen - M|O|O|N
2:1 - Elastica
Oxygen - Aesop Rock



Cheers man, haha - I nearly always use that hilariously stupid metal font for my mixes. Glad to hear you liked it! Hounds are an interesting band, not everyone’s taste, but good lads.

Lonely The Brave are fucking ace, definitely check out their stuff - they’ve got 2 albums - The Day’s War and Things Will Matter.

Riddle of Steel are one of my favourite bands ever and that track isn’t even from their best album (which incidentally, is called Got This Feelin’ if you wanted to check it out :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thanks dude! The Justice track is a proper banger; as is Primus. The NOFX track was actually a bit of a joke track as I wasn’t sure how to end the CD, but glad to hear people like it. :smiley:

Ah now, the bonus Space mix I gave you to say sorry for the postage mess up - I didn’t have time to print a cover again (read as too lazy to print out at work again). Full space mix tracklisting is here for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Percolator – Sad Alien Thing
  2. Indian Handcrafts - Starcraft
  3. Fu Manchu – Orbiter
  4. Anakin – Satellite
  5. 65daysofstatic – Safe Passage
  6. Floor – Downed Star
  7. Dodge Meteor – Slipstream
  8. Turnstile – Gravity
  9. We Never Learned To Live – Tasting Paralysis
  10. Godzilla Black – Fear Of A Flat Planet
  11. Stephan Mathieu – Stasis 7 (Ash the Androids’ Dream)
  12. Damokles – Proximity Suspense
  13. Graf Orlock – Game Time
  14. Dr Bastardo – Murder Rave
  15. Arnocorps – Total Recall
  16. Down I Go – Billion Dollar Burning Coffin
  17. Beckett – I Know I’m Human

I love Graf Orlock - I always try and shoehorn them into a mix somehow because a) they fucking rule and b) see point a.

Also, I should say - that the space mix is supposed to tell a story of a ship receiving a distress call, landing on a planet, being attacked and trying to escape.


cool, i’ll check it out i’ve got about 20 bonnie prince releases but thats probably only half of them.


will definitely check out riddle, cheers


Percolator are v good


Hey @static, thanks for such nice feedback. Glad you found it aligned well with your tastes and you had a couple of new discoveries. Thanks for the compliment on the cover sketch – was pretty happy how it turned out.

That JFK extract is a beauty isn’t it – what a great speech. Every time I dig out anything from former presidents (from either side), it really puts the clumsy belches of the current cretin into even starker contrast.

The Quasi track is from Featuring “Birds” which I think is my favourite of theirs. The one after it ( Field Studies ) is pretty good too. Then I think they dipped for a while before rediscovering some spark.

I like the Alela Diane album that track was taken from ( To Be Still ) a lot. The songwriting is really strong throughout which I think is the thing that sets apart the stripped down folkies worth checking out from the pack.

The BPB live album I took the ‘my home is the sea’ version from is a good record I think. I quite like the Superwolf record, but it’s maybe too pared back for me to listen to in its entirety in a single sitting.

Amalgamated Sons of Rest is only an EP – there’s a gorgeous looking vinyl version of it, which I think has an etching on side B, but think it was released in the US and I haven’t been able to justify the expense.

The 91plus album with this track on is available free from their bandcamp. I can heartily recommend it to you and anyone else reading this. Full of lovely warm organic sounding electronica: https://91plus.bandcamp.com/album/naturalysis



Righto - my water mix tracklisting was as follows (happy to mixcloud it if anyone is interested)…

1 EMA - Grey Ship
2 Gallon Drunk - Push The Boat Out (Berlin '93)
3 You’re Jovian - Whalehead
4 Julie Byrne - Natural Blue
5 Richard Hawley - Ocean
6 Fleetwood Mac - Albatross
7 Grizzly Bear - Deep Blue Sea
8 Guided by Voices - Underwater Explosions
9 Julianna Barwick - Bob In Your Gait
10 Verve - Life’s an Ocean
11 Laura Veirs - Ocean Night Song
12 Tom Waits - The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
13 Pram - Sea Swells And Distant Squalls
14 Rozi Plain - Stolen Shark
15 Grouper - Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping
16 Cross Record - The Depths
17 Moby - God Moving over the Face of the Waters [heat mix]

It was meant to narrate a story from embarkation on a cruise to a watery grave. Cheerful right?


early gallon drunk bootlegs are amazing and capture something that’s missing from the first studio albums (the debut aside) so nice you went for a live version. Don’t think I’ve ever managed to shoehorn a drunk song onto one of my discs, should really rectify that.


Awesome stuff, thanks wz,

Yeah good speech I can see some kind of JFK the sea vs Churchill the beaches battle coming on.
I was doing a bit of Quasi reliving thanks to your mix the other night, and I’ll look to getting that amalgamated sons EP (at least on mp3)


could have covered that in one song m8!




@static Apologies for the disgustingly late feedback. September/October was filled with getting married, a lovely long honeymoon but then returning to a stack of work so it’s only been the last couple of weeks or so that I’ve been able to give your mix a good run of listens.
Seem to remember you making a comment about how it was very indie centric so thought there might be some major overlap in my tastes. I included the Wildbirds & Peacedrums track on my mix too. After that though I didn’t recognise a single name on your track listing.
Could really talk up the whole mix but I’ll pick out some highlights.

Nick Huggins – Short and sweet. Reminds me of a guy called Talons’ I put on my mix.
Radar Bros – Lovely little tune but it was the overlapping backing vocals and ohhh and ahhh’s that really got me.
Power Animal – Panda Bear Person Pitch-esque in the euphoric yelps!
Tarwater – A real highlight. Love the warmth of the production, the static and the brooding and sinister sounding loop.
Bloodgroup – A real grower this one. I was a little unsure at first, felt a bit too cold and clinical but repeated listens and it opened up to be bit of a pop banger.
Alias – Is that Yoni from Why? ? Strong drumming and the two differing vocals works really well.
Thee More Shallows – Another really beautifully layered song. Big fan of the mournful brass.
The Boats – I seem to like the more downbeat minimalist tracks but again a really pretty warm sounding sleeper of a track that I’m still picking different bits up on every listen.
Snow Palms – Gorgeous sounding track reminiscent of one of those wind up music boxes. Nice orchestral swell towards the end of the track.
Therese Aune – Currently my favourite. Epic without being overblown. Love her voice and love the arrangement.

Genuinely none that I disliked Maybe the only two that didn’t grab me were Kyst and Apparat.

So thanks very much as I’ve got plenty to investigate. Any from my picks that you highly recommend?


No Worries, Humungous congratulations, and a lifetime of wedded bliss to you.

Great to hear you found some stuff you like, it was a nicely broad theme so I was able to sneak a few of my favourites in there. That Radar Bros track is possibly my favourite of their tracks, but there’s loads of very similar stuff and some really great tracks, They don’t get rated enough imho but I always think of them as Grandaddy’s slightly older brother. All 7 albums are good but I’d put Auditorium then Singing Hatches > …Surrounding Mountains > the other 3 > Eight.

I often list Thee More Shallows as my favourite band, 3 brilliant albums the 2nd album More Deep Cuts is probably the best but depends on the mood your in, the first is a little more chilled the 3rd a little more electronic. Love his lyrics, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a return sometime next year. Also worth checking out Fops, particularly Yeth, Yeth, Yeth a total steal at 2 bucks https://fops.bandcamp.com/album/yeth-yeth-yeth It’s the singer and another guy who is the frontman for Ral Partha Vogelbacher - another great band which also has members of Thee More Shallows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXVbXDAPieE

The Boats are just great chilled background doing some thinking or drifting off music, might be my favourite British band, and the 2 people perform separately as Tape Loop Orchestra and as The Humble Bee, and Danny Norbury joins those 2 a lot as well after the first few albums. They’ve got 12 - 16 albums (depending on how you look at it.) which can be divided loosely in to the early stuff, the mid stuff and the late stuff. The Late stuff is Nomenclature and the Abstraction EP which are completely non chilled big industrial waves of static noise and thudding beats, so despite the fact that it’s the same 2 guys it’s basically a completely different entity - still good mind if you like a bit of that, but pretty much in opposition to the rest of the output. The Early stuff is light and the relaxing, slow electronica stuff like the Rain track, some nice lazy vocals coming in on roughly 3rd to half the tracks. This includes Songs by the Sea, We Made It For You, Tomorrow Time, Our Small Ideas, Saturation Humm & Hiss, Faulty Toned Radio, Words are Something Else, and their releases under The Sea and Theodore and Hamblin. If I had to pick a favourite I’d probably go with Our Small Ideas, it’s a pretty good entrance point, Sleep Insect Music is great compilation too. The Mid years are electronic too but a bit more fuzzy waves of electronic wash and cello from Norbury, these include the 3 Ballad albums, The Ballad of the Eagle, Ballads of the Research Department and Ballads of the Darkroom. I’d probably throw in the live album Do the Boats dream of Electric Fritz Pfleumer under this too.

I’ll leave that there before I write a Boats novel.

Glad you enjoyed, cheers.