DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


yeah i think i got very little feedback on my winter mix which was a little bit disheartening but got feedback on all my mixes again this time round which was nice.

i usually try to sit out the odd round here and there cos of the effort involved (and the growing pile of received CDs in my room) unless it’s a theme i feel i can get some mileage out of. feel like the same bands often pop up on my mixes a lot though so not sure how much further i’ll be able to take it


I really enjoy making the mixes and receiving them, but when you put a lot of effort into making something you think is interesting (I was really pleased with my space mix) and you don’t get anything back about it you do start wondering why you bothered.


As a Johnny Come Lately much as I enjoy these swaps my one nitpick is the speed of turnover from one theme to the next without much pause for breath. Like others on here I’ve been exceptionally busy of late and find it difficult to find a spare 80 minutes to sit down and give my mixes a proper listen (The thematic content means I do not like approaching them piecemeal as I want to pick up on any threads my contributor has made in their playlists).

Don’t know what people think of this idea, but why not limit them to about 4 a year (January, April, July, October) giving more time to digest those mixes received and perhaps more time to write their reviews.


Yeah, I completely agree. There’s a fair amount of work and heart goes into these, so I can appreciate how it feels when they are received without reaction.


I second this.


I’m up for this again. Will pm tomorrow hopefully.
I sent 3 CDs last time, and got feedback from 2 people and received 2 other mixes back. It can be frustrating not getting feedback for your CDs - not sure whether it’s because people don’t have the time, or maybe don’t like the mix. I do find it a bit hard to give feedback if I don’t seem to like the same sort of sounds as the cd I’ve received, but still try to do so.

One potential(ly ridiculous) idea for people who have made a mix they’re proud of, but who didn’t get much feedback (or want to spread their CDs further)… Maybe they could post their track list afterwards (potentially with a brief description), and offer it to the first 1/2/3 people who would like a copy if it particularly appeals to them. These bonus recipients would have to swear to jehovah that they would give feedback back though. Or maybe I’m just over complicating things here…


I think the quarterly idea up above is a good one - if only to give us more time to absorb and properly feedback on ones we’ve received. Tend to agree with @bornin69x that not getting any feedback at all is a bit discouraging.

I really like the idea of posting the tracklists after recipients have had them for a while. I certainly look at some of the chat about mixes I haven’t received and would be very interested to see what people are putting on. I used to mixcloud all mine, but the spacing of the mixes has meant that I’ve been distracted by the latest mix rather than putting stuff up for wider listening.

Anyway, keep it up @Prob500, we’re all still really enjoying it!


i like the idea of making a receiving mixes but i fully cba with feedback stuff. might start making them and posting them on mixcloud or something


Bump for this, PM’s to me by the end of the weekend please.


Absolutely positively the last bump for this. It’ll probably be tomorrow evening when I get around to sending addresses out so any more PMs to me by this time tomorrow please.


Stick me down for one


If you sent me a PM you should now have one in return with your recipients for the water mix. Have a good one.


I have discovered that there are an awful lot of aquatic songs that I love. A significant percentage of my favourite songs involve things happening in or beside rivers.

My long list of 75 is going to take quite some pruning.


Exactly this for me too. Wasn’t convinced by the theme to begin with but after a bit of thought it seems most of my favourite artists have produced a torrent of water based songs. Just hope my mix does’t turn out being a bit too obvious.


I was also surprised how many water based tracks I came up with. My first long list was two and a half hours long! There’s been some painful cuts to get it reduced, I’m 90% happy with it now but it still may change before the final burning stage.


same here. i’ve managed to prune it down though and i’m going to be uncharacteristically on the ball this time


See this is the kind of thing that gives me sleepless nights…

If I love it and it fits the theme but it’s too ‘obvious’ then is there any point including it (Hello ‘Find the River’)?

If I love it and it fits the theme but I know from past bitter experience that people don’t tend to appreciate metal/hardcore vocals then should I include it?

And then the second guessing starts… :confused:


I’ve had this with ‘Fear of Drowning’ by BSP, it works with the flow (groan) of the mix but is it too obvious?


@LastAstronaut @ninetyeightytwo @bornin69x
I will get mine in the mail to you guys early after this weekend as I leave the country for 3 weeks this time next week.
Quite happy with the mix, although not particularly eclectic.
Making early excuses now for what will be crappy artwork :frowning:


I don’t think BSP are so ‘DiS canon’ that you can’t include them. I thjink only The National and The Creeps (and The Best of the Beatles, obv) are so ubiquitous that it’s not worth including them…