DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


I tend to try and screen out the really obvious ones as there’s not much to gain in recieving a mixtape where you already know all the contents. The only exception being if there are any individual songs that are well known, but I feel work within the context of the mix.

As for screaming metal, I’ve never heard a song of that type I’ve enjoyed , but I’d still listen through the whole mix at least once if it featured that. I think there’s an element of hearing styles you wouldn’t normally as well as making new discoveries in styles that you would in these exchanges.

I did like 9082s comment in a previous round that he had to prepare the right mental space and select a good oatmeal stout before taking on one of the heavier mixes recieved though… :grinning:


I ended up having an initial longlist of 200 or so songs I think, but now pretty much got it all whittled down and selected and enjoying it. Plus am quite happy with a couple of obscure songs which my mind remembered had some sort of water link, without it being in the title.
Have just finished a cheap and cheerful cover, where the lucky recipients can play ‘guess the song reference’. Kind of. Just need to burn print and assemble. Won’t really have much opportunity for a little while, so will be good to be proactive with it!

I did briefly consider a song each by The National and Arcade Fire, but ruled them out for reasons mentioned above.


Look forward to it, cheers!


yeah i’ve included the Pixies a couple of times which is utterly pointless really. but Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons is such a good space reference…


rejected artwork ideas # 1:


First time doing this (hi).
Decided to limit myself to only using tracks I own physically, which means I’ve only got a list of around 50 tracks to choose from, also makes it more ‘personal’ for want of a better word. It does mean ripping a load of stuff off vinyl though but looking forward to putting it together.


I’m on to version 2 of my tracklist.

I like it better than v1, although I know that’ll annoy some fans.


Forgetting you is like breathing water is ten minutes long! I can’t find space for it… Sob


Went to see Meursault play on Saturday, and they played one of their songs (Ode To Gremlin) from their new album, which would have been fitting for my mix, as it had the following chorus: “the last thing the world needs now, is another song about the fucking sea”. Ah well!

Anyhow, my cd should be in the post today to @DustyNothing, @funkycow, and @keith!


Looking forward to it!


Have finished my mix! Will be posted either Weds or next week. Managed to cut out all REM songs. It’s quite slow and reflective.


I think I’m happy with my mix, unless another track pops to mind that just insists to be included somewhere! I still need to burn discs, sort out artwork and track listings so it’s unlikely to get sent until next week now.

Mine’s not particularly slow and reflective! :slight_smile:


why? :frowning:


cos I had a long list of 75 and I found it super hard to cut down. REM songs I thought were likely to already be known!


Ok @ninetyeightytwo @Trev @LastAstronaut it’s all systems go with water…


Along the @banks


Arrived today @paulo13 - will probably get a chance for feedback after the weekend.



Thanks @paulo13 for the cds (kind of you to enclose the Space mix too) - love the cover art on the Permanently Swimming CD. Is it a Van Gogh?


Yep, it was copied from one of his lesser known works! Good spot!


Cheers @paulo13 arrived the other day. Haven’t had time to give it a full listen yet so far but like what I have heard. Should be able to get plenty of listens in over the weekend and will report back.