DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


Thanks @Scagden, your CD turned up today. A few I know (the King Gizzard track was on mine initially but got culled due to length), but a lot I’m not familiar with. I will give it a spin this weekend and will feedback soonish.


Awesome. Glad you go it so soon; hope there’s plenty there you enjoy :slight_smile:


@Prob500, @shucks and @woweezowee - I stuck your mixes in the post yesterday afternoon so they should be there in a few days. Unusually on the ball this time.

pretty sure you’ve all received mixes from me before, hope i haven’t included too many of the same artists. i hope you all like boring guitar music!

also let me know if the CDs are ok, i gave them all a quick but not thorough test and they seemed fine but there were a few faulty ones in with them. can rip another if there are any skips.


Just dropped through my letterbox - thanks a lot. impressive to cross the water at that speed on a second class stamp. Don’t worry, boring guitar music is one of my favourite ever genres. (But seriously looks good and interesting).

My disc is nearly there, but not sure if I’ll get it out before going on holiday, in which case it’ll be august before my recipients get theirs. For every previous edition of swaps I’ve tried for the most part not to repeat bands (mainly for my own amusement). But it seems like all of my favourite bands have done a water related song, which are generally great. Given how good they all are it would be perverse not to include them, but not sure if it makes it a bit obvious. Someone (I forget who) sent me a maudlin bullshit comp in a previous edition - mine largely falls into that pigeon hole.


wow, that was quick!


Mine arrived this morning too @Icarus-Smicarus! I also love boring guitar music, and don’t know too many of the songs - so hopefully some nice boring discoveries ahead.

I’ll post feedback in due course. Thanks man :grinning:


Cheers dude, not sure when it arrived as I’ve been away for a few days - will give it a spin :smiley:


@ninetyeightytwo, @maggieloveshopey & @bornin69x, your CDs have just been handed in at the PO, hope you enjoy!


Lovely. My playlist is sorted, just need to do the burning and printing - hopefully mine will be out by the end of the week.


@funkycow @p_a_u_l @WardrobeGruber - Your CDs are on their way.


Came this morning. I had a smile when I saw the first track - The Mantle is the only Agalloch album I have, and I’ve always meant to listen to some more, so well played, sir. Will update once I’ve listened to the whole thing…


@Icarus-Smicarus, @shucks, @Prob500 - your discs are going in the post first thing tomorrow. I should warn you that I spent most of the afternoon fighting with a recalcitrant printer, and I could not get the inlay to print any bigger than about 80% of what it should be, so it might look a bit odd in the sleeve, but I did try, really. I also noticed a horrible typo, but it was on about the seventh go at printing and I just quailed at the idea of faffing with the image again. First one to identify it wins a prize*.

There is also one song on there I am pretty sure everyone is going to hate, but hey.


*there is no prize


@Scagden, @LastAstronaut and @Trev - I have your CDs and I shall listen to them ASAP!

As for my CDs, due to a deeply tedious computer issue I’m only able to burn one a day. I was also delayed when I realised that I’d omitted a killer track from my original mix. But they should all be ready and dispatched by the end of the week.


Cool, glad it arrived so quick! That track is nothing like the rest of the album it’s off (Marrow of the Spirit which is a superb album btw), I would normally steer clear of including that sort of stuff on a mix but that track fits the theme and is a nice gentle opener! Enjoy!


@maggieloveshopey thanks a lot, I was away at the weekend but your disc was waiting for me when I got back. I’ll report back just as soon as I find the typo for my prize.


I’m really delayed in sending this out, guys. I’ve had difficulties with my CD burner and I fear it’s about to give up the ghost completely.

I’ll have one last go tonight, but if it should fail again, I may have to just send out a download link.

Sorry. Sorry.


@Scagden & @Trev, I have only managed to listen to your CDs once, I enjoyed them both but I want to give them at least one more listen before I feedback. I will try and get it done this week.


yeah forgot to say i’ve received yours as well @maggieloveshopey, will get a listen shortly!


Just arrived home from holiday and this was waiting for me… the track list looks great.
Looking forward to listening to it over the next few days.