DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


@paulo13 Had a few weeks now with yours and really enjoying it. Great cover too, very reminiscent of a Commodore 64 game and love how you’ve included so many songs titles on it. Very Clever.

Your mix was peppered with artists I know but have only heard small amounts from. The biggest example of this was probably Diane Cluck who was my highlight on the mix. I know I’ve got one of her albums somewhere but for some reason have never given it a good listen. Big mistake as the track on here is fantastic. Same with Akron/Family. I’m sure the album I have by them is full of heavy riffing so was expecting that to kick in at some point but the track is beautiful and I love the harmonies on it.
Loney Dear too. I wasn’t expecting the trance sounding outro from what I have heard of him so far but it was a pleasant surprise and I’ll be investigating more of his stuff.

From the unknowns my favourites are the Sleep Party People & Old Amica tracks. Both lovely woozy comforting electronica. Right up my street so not sure how I’ve missed out on these guys. Any recommendations on where to start?

I think I’ve got Soak mixed up with someone else as I wasn’t expecting the almost 60’s kind of bluesy sound. Enjoyed it a lot though.

A few I know and love on the mix The delgados, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Owen Pallet, Why? & dEUS.

Only a couple I didn’t really take to and that wasn’t Wet Nose Hero as you might have expected!
Chris T-T and the Villagers tracks did nothing for me. In both cases I wasn’t a massive fan of the vocals.

Overall though lots of winners and new stuff to investigate so thanks very much!


@keith @funkycow @p_a_u_l Just popped mine in the post box so hopefully will be with you all early next week


I have to give @paulo13 some feedback…


which Villagers track? The Waves? i had that and Down Under the Sea on my longlist but neither made the final cut.


The Waves. Nothing really wrong with it at all but maybe that’s the problem for me. A bit too nice and it just passed me by on every listen.


Hi @maggieloveshopey and @Icarus-Smicarus - I’ve got both yer mixes, apologies for the delay in feeding back, will do soon - thanks for sending! :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve mixes for @static, @prob500 and @woweezowee to send out - mixes burnt, need to print artwork and pop in the post!


Thanks for the lovely feedback - glad you found lots to like!

That was the first song by Diane Cluck (Monte Carlo) that I heard, from an ‘anti-folk’ compilation cd, which I bought way-back-when I was quite in love with the Moldy Peaches. I bought her Oh Vanille album afterwards, although I didn’t love it as much as Monte Carlo. I keep meaning to go back and listen to her other albums to see if there are any other hidden gems.

Akron/Family - this song was from their debut (?) self-titled album back in 2005, which I’ve not listened to in years, but am giving it a listen again now as I type. Very nice and mellow with nice little sounds in it. I saw them live a year or so later, and it was pretty much heavy riffing like the album you have. Maybe it was nice in a noisy way, but it made my ears hurt and just want to listen to their quiet sounds.

The Loney Dear song is from a great album of his called Dear John. Actually, all of his albums are excellent, other than his last album Hall Music a few years ago, which I didn’t love as much, despite many attempts. Not bad, but not amazing. But he has a new album out in September, so I’m looking forward to that.

Sleep Party People is a Danish chap (and bandmates), and has released four albums since 2010, with the one on this cd from his latest album this year. They’re all quite good, so I’m not sure which one to recommend. They wear spooky bunny masks when they play live, and I’ll be seeing them again later this year for the first time in five years which’ll be good. There are four songs from their first album on youtube (Copenhagen sessions) which I played repeatedly until I was finally able to get their first album, which are worth a watch/listen:

Old Amica are a duo from two different cities in Sweden, and apparently just send music to each other to make their albums. Don’t think they’ve even played any gigs, but I’d probably fly out to Sweden if they ever decided to play a gig, purely because of how much I’ve listened to them over the last six or so years. My favourite of theirs is their nicely sized For A Second EP (- plus I also pop up in a music video of theirs called Operation Table, and then decided to make my own video for another song called Moon. It’s had lots of views from me.)
I’d also recommend their Debris and The Burning Dot albums. & they have a nice instrumental ep/mini album called Drone and Hum. All listenable on Spotify anyhow, and some of them are available from their bandcamp page for free here: https://oldamica.bandcamp.com/
This is my favourite song of theirs (especially when it gets to the instrumental second half), and is one that I put on my space mix:


Now my recipients have had a couple of weeks to digest, I have uploaded my water mix to Mixcloud in case anybody else fancies a listen. Click on the link if you want to see a tracklist.


Sorry for how long this feedback has taken! I’ll blame the poor internet connection in my house resulting in increased phone DiSing…

I loved the Soak and Villagers tracks - I think I’ve seen her live but didn’t click and I like everything by Villagers I hear on the radio.Highly honourable mentions for Chris TT (I can’t get over how much I dislike his name though!) and Diane Cluck too.

I know the names of The Delgados and dEUS but I think this is the first time I’ve actually listened to their music (it was OK; would listen again) and I think I was expecting more modern-Swans gothic weight from Akron/ Family (I know they’re signed to Young God, or at least were.)

Thanks for sending it! You might have sold me a Villagers album,


Harder mix than I thought it would be, but now sorted. Will burn and send out next week…


Apologies to all who sent me a mix. I’ve been dead busy and my computer’s been awful these past few weeks so I’ve had no time, or means, to listen,

@Scagden @LastAstronaut @Trev - I will listen and report back within the week, oh yes.


Great, thanks for the feedback, and glad you’ve potentially found something to buy! :slight_smile:
I think Chris T-T’s surname is a double-barrelled surname beginning with T’s, so potentially his name could have been worse! and pleased that you like the Diane Cluck song also.
I’ve seen Villagers live a few years ago, but not seen Soak - but maybe I will the next time she releases an album. I think both have been nominated for the Mercury Prize for their debut albums, which is rare for me to really enjoy a Mercury nominated album, so that’s nice.
& as mentioned above, Akron/Family probably have some more gothic weight songs on their other albums!


Apologies for the delay in sending my mixes out this time around. Artwork is done and mix is kind of there, but unlikely to get chance to pull it all together before going on holidays. Therefore, @static, @dollarsandcents and @paulo13, there will be a wee delay, but I’ll get something out to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of the artwork. Got scribbling:


Nice, are you an illustrator?


Thanks @funkycow . To be honest, this is probably time I’ve drawn anything since high school art about 20 years ago!

My wife’s an artist – the initial plan was to commission her to do something for me this time around, but she’s had a lot on so I decided to chance my arm instead.


Wow, now that’s commitment!


I’ve probably made it sound more grand than the reality!

She’s big on paper-cutting, so for ‘commission’ read ‘sit in front of the telly with some paper and a scalpel one evening’. :grinning:


Hi @Scagden, thanks for your CD, very decent of Jeff Bridges to record a little intro for your mix! :wink: Do you have these Sleeping Tapes it purportedly comes from?

Two CDs received so far this time and two Smog tracks! Trev’s CD contained the track ‘Bathysphere’, strangely they’re also possibly the first two I’ve heard at all, one of those bands I’m aware of but for some reason never investigated.

I’d not heard the Low tune before, Secret Name is one of the few albums of theirs I am yet to hear.

After some very pretty moments, half way in things liven up a bit with King Gizzard. I had this same track on the first draft of my mix but had to excise it due to its length.

I had to google the Sophia track, 1998?! I’m not sure how I’ve never heard this before, it’s a cracker!

Overall a good selection of tracks, some of which I knew but more of which I didn’t which is always good. Would have maybe liked a few more tracks with a bit of oomph to fire things up a bit, but that’s probably just me. With the water theme I thought perhaps we’d get a few more “crashing waves” rather than “gentle meanders down the stream”! :slight_smile:


Ha, @scagden 's disc has plenty of similarities with mine - Low - tick, Smog - tick, Gizzard - tick, Sophia - tick. I’m going on holiday on Thursday for a month and hope to find the time to get them out before then. @woweezowee @static @dollarsandcents @Gert be prepared.


@maggieloveshopey and @Icarus-Smicarus many thanks to you both for the discs you sent. I’ve been getting stuck into them both for the last few weeks.

@Icarus-Smicarus just a couple of artists who made my shortlist on yours - Smog (I went for a different one to you (and @Scagden). He could easily fill a CD-R with water related songs from his back catalogue couldn’t he?), and Okkervil River (again I went for a different one, I kind of lost my way with them after The Stage Names but this suggests I should try again with the later albums). Really enjoyed the Guided By Voices song, I seem to have a bit of a blind spot for them (in part probably by the intimidating back catalogue), and I know there are lots of threads on ‘where to start with GBV …’ so I won’t ask to repeat it again. Hopefully it’ll be the push to get me into them. Also enjoyed the couple of old school blues numbers that were dropped in (although I would have never picked the second one as being Beck).

@maggieloveshopey Top marks for including a Rachel’s song. They are in the top drawer of my favourite bands (Music For Egon Schiele in particular is just amazing), but I’ve never had anyone else put a Rachel’s song on any of the many discs I’ve received doing these swaps (nor one with such a good typo). In fact the last 4 tracks were a very strong end to the disc, with Coil possibly being my favourite song on the disc, really need to get into more of this stuff (Throbbing Gristle being another on my list to get into), where to start with Coil then? Also enjoyed the Norma Waterson song, not a style of music I ever listened to until recently when I picked up the Shirley Collins album in advance of the (cancelled) Safe as Milk festival and really enjoyed it. If I were to nit-pick Mungo’s Hi Fi were a bit far out of my musical comfort zone (and not really a zone I want too venture in to).

Thanks both!