DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


glad you enjoyed! i only have 3 Smog albums so had a fairly limited supply for him, but there were a few artists where i was surprised how many choices i had. Sea Pinks just put out a new album where two songs have ‘water’ in the title but i stuck with my first instinct for an older one.

the Okkervil River one is from The Silver Gymnasium which is pretty decent, that’s definitely the stand out track though. i quite like I Am Very Far as well but i haven’t listened to the new one much.

don’t worry, i can talk about GBV at length. i nearly swapped that track when i realised i’d overlooked a big favourite:

but the swap pushed the mix length past the CD limit so had to swap back :frowning: did think Back to the Lake worked well with the flow of the thing though. anyway, it’s best to start with Bee Thousand, followed by the other 90s classics Alien Lanes, Propeller and Under The Bushes, though the one on my mix is from the more professional, produced, early 00s period, which could be worth checking out if the lo-fi 90s ones aren’t doing anything for you (Under The Bushes sort of bridges the two extremes, and is over-long but largely great). and the one posted above is from the 90s lineup reunion from the last few years.


Arrived today! I like the artwork.


Plenty of choice with GBV, I put ‘Dirty Water’ from Earthquake Glue on my mix.


good choice! yeah there were a few, i should have gone for Underwater Explosions actually.


As well as being a good track it fit nicely into the run of tracks I had at the beginning of the CD; Cold Water (The Jesus Lizard), Dirty Water (GBV), Oily Water (Blur) finishing with Deep Water by Portishead, the mix then moved more towards the ocean for a while! :slight_smile:


nice. the middle of mine has 3 songs in a row with ‘Sea’ in the title, the last being called ‘Sick of the Sea’. was accidental but nicely appropriate.


Glad you liked it. I think that Rachel’s track (Water From The Same Source, if anyone wants to play along at home) is just stunningly beautiful. Hope you don’t think my Garageband editing butchered it too much.
Where to start with Coil? That is a big question. They have a labyrinthine and wildly diverse discography, and the (legal) availability of it all is extremely haphazard. The track on the mix is from the Ape Of Naples album, which was the last album they released (Sleazy pieced it together, and it came out a year or so after Jhonn Balance died). It’s a great album, full of grief, mortality and loss. Also contains a cover of the theme from Are You Being Served?. The Musick To Play In The Dark albums are a good place to go next (Volume One is much better than Volume Two, imo). After that, pfftt. This blog is a good read - someone trying to listen all their records and write about them: http://guidopaparazzi.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/The%20Coil%20Review%20Project

Mungo’s was the one I predicted everybody would hate. One for one so far!



Your mixes went in the post tonight, you should get them Friday/Saturday. Apologies for the delay once again.


Hey @scagden, I listened to yours (at last!) and it’s a sad late night sort of thing.

The good thing was that, while I was familiar with most of the artists, I only knew two of the actual songs: PJ Harvey & Tortoise (and what songs they are!)

The biggest revelation was Wildbirds & Peacedrums - that sort of sound, I’ve no idea how you’d describe it, is absolutely my bag. FKA Twigs was boss too, and Grouper - I REALLY need to give her more time. Like a dolt, I wrote her off after one listen to the Dream Loss/Alien Observer albums. Slow burners, aren’t they? I will give her more time.

Jeff Bridges was a lovely way to start (O what a voice) and King Gizzard was a nice and necessary mid-album jolt. Sophia provides another dynamic shift towards the end, but it has a similar feel to the rest so it’s not as much of a jump. Good pivot into PJ though!

Now, Talon’s. No information about them on Last.fm, no listeners, no previous plays so… who are they?


is it a different talons from this lot?

they’re a good band. saw them once or twice back in the day.


Only Scagden can answer this question. An apostrophe was included in their name on the printed tracklist.


Pretty sure they are different, I also got his CD and thought they were the BSM Talons but they’re nowhere near as noisy. I think this is them with the apostrophe after the s;


I put a Talons’ track on my mix too. If it’s a lo-fi acoustic folk number then it’s probably the same artist. It’s a guy called Mike Tolan. He’s also played in Trouble Books but made a few mainly solo albums under the name Talons’.


Don’t think that’s it - this was racist grindcore.

Kidding! Yes, that’s most likely it.


@maggieloveshopey, @Icarus-Smicarus, @shucks - my mix ‘Dirty Water’ went in the post this afternoon.


Heyyyyy @LastAstronaut - your mix!

It was actually MIXED! I like that. Good work with the volume leveling - it flowed quite well, considering the mix of genres and production techniques.

Dirty Water > Oily Water sounds fantastic, and there’s that great run in the middle that veers from dark ambience to black metal (Textures - no idea if they’re classed as such, but they sound a bit like Opeth who definitely are, so I think I’m alright using that term) into sludge into grunge. Quite a dark mix overall, thinking about it!

But Mew > SFA is lovely (not heard that Mew song in a while - a necessary shaft of light here), and the closing run of five songs is truly compelling. Pivoting from the rootsy murder ballads into The Cure’s chiming melancholia into the sombre, haunting Swans track was very elegantly done, and even if I don’t listen to the mix as a whole again, I’ll definitely be revisiting that closing run.

Ace work!


Excellent, glad you liked (most of) it! Thanks for the lovely comments man, I was rather pleased with how this mix turned out, I’ve listened to it back a few times myself and must admit to metaphorically patting myself on the back a bit in places! :slight_smile:

Textures tend to be categorised as progressive metal, they do have similarities to Opeth but without getting into a whole genre argument I wouldn’t say Opeth were black metal, far more on the progressive death metal side. The Textures track was the one I was a bit worried about, I try and reign in the more extreme numbers as I know harsher vocals can turn a lot of people off but the clean vocal parts on that track are so great and the way it worked in the mix I made an exception.

Judging from the two CDs I’ve received so far this time it seems others saw the theme as a more mellow aquatic trip than I did, mine was indeed a bit darker!

Thanks again!


I’ve had a week with yours now @scagden and I’m really enjoying it! There’s a great combination of the familiar and unfamiliar - all of it great.

I hadn’t heard of Rachel’s or Aidan Baker yet, but both tracks were enough to have me already investigating their catalogs. Already Drowning in particular blew me away, absolutely brilliant & right up my street.
Smog/Bill Callahan is one of my all time favourites & River Guard is probably my favourite song of his. Nice to hear it out of album context.
I wasn’t familiar with the Buffalo Tom or Kristen Hersh songs and while both are really good, these are the only two that I’ve been skipping, probably because the next sequence of tracks is so good.
Grouper & Low are again big faves and both were on my long list, but I removed them as I’ve included both on past mixes - nice to see them on another mix though.
I’ve been curious about King Gizzard for a while - this track confirmed I should start listening… what would be a good starting point?
The 2nd half of the mix is equally strong. I was unfamiliar with Wildbirds and Peacedrums, Sophia & Talon’s - all of which were really good.
I haven’t listened to Tortoise in a long time and the title track of your mix is a reminder to go back to them, great stuff.
I really like FKA Twigs LP, but hadn’t heard Water Me - really enjoyed it.
I also included a Dirty Three track from Ocean Songs on my mix, another all time favourite of mine… Last Horse on the Sand was a lovely closer to your mix.

Well done, this is a really great mix that I’ll be getting a lot more listens out of it & exploring 4 or 5 artists as a result which is one of the best outcomes from these mixes.
Thanks a million!


@paulo13 @DustyNothing @keith

Just ripped my playlist to CD so I’ll pop them in the post tomorrow hopefully!



Been listening in the car and just given it a Sunday afternoon listen also - really nice mood which matched the gloomy Sunday vibes here perfectly. I’m a big fan of Low and Dirty Three so was nice to hear this for the first time in a long time, and love Loscil too - actually used this track in a previous CD swap actually! Weird - think I might have crowbarred it into ‘Apocalypse’ as republican red. Lovely moody track and opening.

Perked up in mood with the prolific KG&TLW. A band I see about a lot but I’ve never actually listened to them - so was nice to change that if nothing else. The Wave Pictures track was nice enough.

Okkervil River and PJ Harvey takes me back to 10 years ago at University so that was a back to back does of nostalgia and using the accomodation network to share iTunes libraries with other students - a great tool for discovering music as an 18 year old. “Oh you’re Mike from Flat 125 - nice library man”.

Don’t think I’ve ever heard a Loudon Wainwright track and by christ I wasn’t expecting that, but might be my favourite on here. A hilarious sort of modern swashbuckling sea-shanty - great fun!

A trio of indie tracks didn’t really capture my imagination but I really enjoyed the Sophia track. Again not familiar with these and enjoyed the build-up and crescendo. Of all the bands on this mix I think I’ll be looking these up and listening to more. An album you’d recommend?

Scout Niblett and Cat Power (see: University nostalgia) was a lovely little duo - both voices I’m a fan of and are the sort of artists I’m a huge sucker for. Don’t really listen to much ‘Indie/Rock’ music any more but a female singer song-writer still makes up a lot of my listening - particular during certain seasons. Great to hear both of these. Didn’t know where it could have gone after Chan, but ended well on the last track.

Thanks for the mix - some great nostalgia and some new avenues to explore.