DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


Thanks for a nice feedback @dollarsandcents

Sophia formed out of The God Machine. TGM were seriously heavy (with some very beautiful bits), Sophia very quiet (but also beautiful). Both produced some fantastically sad music. I still occasionally settle in with a bottle of red wine to the first two Sophia albums for those special melancholic moments. I’ve seen Sophia mentioned a couple of time and I’m guessing others will have gone with the same song as me (The River Song), but that’s actually not that typical of the first couple of albums (the sound filled out more after those). But I’d suggest starting with the those as I think they are forgotten classics (The Infinite Circle and Fixed Water), and then work forward if you like them. And if you like heavy music I can’t recommend The God Machine highly enough, particularly Scenes From the Second Storey.


@bornin69x your mix arrived the other day and looks really good (i know we have plenty of musical overlap generally). will get a listen soon!

i’m a bit behind with feedback for everyone but will get on it shortly


Hi @Trev, sorry for the slightly delayed feedback on your CD.

Another nice mix of stuff I know/was aware of and plenty I wasn’t. I’d not heard that Minor Victories song before, I have the album but I presume this was on an EP or something?

Smog seems to be a popular choice this round and although I have been aware of the name I’d never really investigated, might need to change that.

I very nearly put that War on Drugs track on my mix, such a great song. Very much looking forward to their new album.

Although Mark Lanegan has possibly my favourite singing voice ever this was a new one on me. I have everything from Field Songs onwards but only have Whiskey for the Holy Ghost from his 90’s output. I will have to remedy that.

I was initially going to enquire how the Dirty Three song “Authentic Celestial Music” was related to Water, not being much of a fan (despite feeling I should be nothing I’ve heard has really done much for me) I didn’t know it was from a an album called Ocean Songs, a bit obscure that one! :wink:

An enjoyable listen that I still need to revisit a bit more but I was aware I needed to get some feedback to you.

Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated!


@paulo13 - finally some feedback on your excellent mix which I’ve had for a few weeks now!

First off - I really liked the art - very 8 bit. The references to the tracks on the mix are very clever (and I particularly like the stick people). I thought this had a really cohesive sound, which is fairly unusual for the mixes I’ve received in the past. You clearly love singer songwriters who work with laptops / electronica flourishes, and the run of the first six work tracks work together really well. I can see why you like Old Amica (still got your Space mix to go for another of theirs), and that’s my favourite of the first five.

The middle part of the mix has the most standouts for me, particularly Soak, Wet Nose Hero and Diane Cluck (all of whom I’ll check out). Quite liked Villagers and Sons of Noel and Adrian had a nice Will Oldham sort of sound and enjoyable percussion (I like percussion). I’d seen Owen Pallett mentioned on the boards before but had no idea what he sounded like. Reminds me of Rufus Wainwright for some reason, but will investigate further.

Thumbs up for the why? track - it has the word ‘erosion’ in it and talks about tracing rivers from rocks (I do a lot of that sort of ‘landscape detective’ stuff for work, so struck a chord with me. Was the Benoit Charest track from Bellevue Rendezvous (an animation about cycling nuns from what I remember) - gave me a nice flashback to a holiday in North Norfolk - we watched it at Christmas many moons ago. The ONLY track I didn’t enjoy was Emiliana Torrini - I thought the mix could have ended with dEUS (and their damned inverted capitals)!

Generally, a lot of the mix was new to me (only knew the Delgados and Deus tracks)l, so it was a real voyage of discovery for me, so thank you!!

PS Also enjoyed the way it was all mixed together. Good work!


Thanks for the feedback @LastAstronaut

The Minor Victories track is actually on the 2nd half of the album… I even googled it to double check my tracklisting in case I had a different copy, track # 8 :slight_smile:

Glad you picked up on a Lanegan song you didn’t know already, the man is a legend. That track is from his 1st covers album I’ll Be There For You which is well worth checking out. There’s a great version of Carry Home by The Gun Club on it.

I’m pretty sure I’ve put Dirty Three on a mix before, but I had to include an Ocean Songs track & rather than picking something for the title I just decided to go with my favourite tune from it.

I’d definitely encourage you to check out Smog/Bill Callahan. Bathysphere is from Wild Love, which is from his more lo-fi days. Scagden had River Guard from Knock Knock on his mix & that is such an astonishing song. Knock Knock is a great album to start with.


ffs you’re right, I’m sure I looked at the tracklisting, I’m being particularly thick atm it seems! This clearly proves I need to listen to the album more!!

re Smog, I will endeavour to check out more. I also received Scagden’s CD which made me think I might be missing out.


Hi LA, thanks for getting back to me. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond: I’ve been on holiday without any internet for 2 weeks :slight_smile:
Yeah I’ve got the Jeff Bridges’ Sleeping Tapes thing: it was a free download last year or so, you should probably still be able to find it online somewhere.
Bloody love Smog: now kicking myself for not including Bathysphere (or Cat Power’s cover of it, which is very odd)!
Sophia were born out of the ashes of a 90s indie/metal band called The God Machine who I absolutely adore. The early Sophia albums are very good indeed but they released one last year which was sadly forgettable.
I made a deliberate decision to go more ‘gentle waves’ than crashing ones (specifically because I had more than enough material for about 5 CDS and I thought this would be a good way to narrow things down! Couldn’t resist leaving the KG+TWL track on though: it’s just too damn good!

Thanks for listening!



Hi Trev, thanks so much for your feedback Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond: I’ve been on holiday without any internet for 2 weeks :slight_smile:
That Aidan Baker isn’t really typical of his stuff (although he’s like Jim O Rourke in that he works in so many different styles and genres it’s really hard to say what a typical Aidan Baker record is (although ambient mixed with Doom/Drone is fairly common)) but I love that record in which he writes his songs for a wide range of different female voices.
King Gizzard are hugely prolfiic but, to my mind, you can’t beat the album that ‘Open Water’ comes from ‘Flying Microtonal Banana’.
I recently indulged myself and got a vinyl reissue of ‘millions now living’ by Tortoise which made me feel I had to put that track on: it’s just such an amazing record.

Thanks for giving it a listen and thanks for your feedback!

All the best



Thanks for the feedback @funkycow, glad you liked it as much as I hoped!
Hopefully you’ll like the Old Amica song on the space mix even more than the water one.

Soak just has one album, released the other year. Wet Nose Hero maybe only has one album and one split ep, both released a number of years ago. Unless she’s released something since then without noticing. & Diane Cluck has released a few albums I think, but I only have one of her albums, plus that Monte Carlo song. Sons of Noel and Adrian are from Brighton, and from the same scene as, and share band members with, The Leisure Society (although I never quite liked them anywhere near as much as SONAA). You should definitely check out Owen Pallett (previously known as Final Fantasy) - all of his albums are pretty great, and he’s even better when he performs live.

& yes, the Benoit song is from Belleville Rendezvous - one of my favourite films, so was quite happy to find an excuse to include it. and I had been a bit torn about the Emiliana Torrini song at the end - I think the dEUS song would have been a great ending also, but kind of liked the idea of her song as being an extra bonus song ending. Although I resisted the urge to leave it uncredited or have a giant long gap before it came on - both of which would have annoyed me!

& glad my mixing didn’t disappoint! Thanks again for your help, as I really was a bit stumped on how to start it all, and it just made it all the more satisfying once I did it.


@funkycow @p_a_u_l @WardrobeGruber - can I just check you received my CDs? I definitely posted them…


Hey Keith, I can confirm receipt. Have been working away for the past few weeks and not had a chance to listen yet, I’m back home next week though and planning to listen then. Same goes for @DustyNothing my girlfriend tells me that yours arrived too :grinning:


No problem - I was a bit worried I hadn’t heard from any of the three I sent. The staff in my local Post Office don’t make the most professional impression sometimes…


Received, due to busy schedule only just finished reviewing my space ones! Currently getting my mix together, once I’ve done that I’ll be listening to those I’ve received.


HI @keith, same for me unfortunately - I’ve had loads of “concentrating” work to do and no long drives, so my music time has really plummeted. It was all I could do to feed back to paolo13, but yours is now next on the list! My mixes are finally burnt and cover art done so “just” need to parcel up and send out…


it arrived today, but I don’t seem to have the best of luck with your cds! I listened to the nice rainy start, then Timberlake although it was a bit crackly, and then it just gets unlistenable after that - either super crackly or silent and whirring unfortunately. I’ll try and Spotify it again!


That’s odd - I’ve burnt a lot of CD’s for listening in the car and never had an issue.

Hmm might be time to source a new burning programme. Apologies! :frowning:


maybe it’s my computer in that case - I should be able to find all the tracks to listen to hopefully (at least there aren’t any untypeable Japanese letters this time! :slight_smile: )



Did my mix arrive for you lot okay?

Also, I have feedback to give for peeps, apologies - incoming!


Arrived today - I’ll feedback after the weekend.


You must have got a mix from @static :wink: (whose mixes are great by the way…)