DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


Sorry @dollarsandcents I think I have the same issue. Arrived today so I stuck it on in the car on the way to football training but it wouldn’t make it to track 4. Got very crackly towards the end of the Ibeyi track (great choice by the way, this was also on my mix) but then just came up with cd error and got spat out. I’ll try it on my system at home tomorrow and see if I have any better luck.


Hi Shucks, apologies for the delay acknowledging receipt of your mix. Been away on hols - got home this evening to find your mix and @Prob500 's on my doormat. Thanks a lot guys, look forward to listening and will post some feedback shortly.


I’m away on a month’s holiday. I think you said you sent it just before I left but it hadn’t arrived when I departed so it will hopefully be waiting for me when I get back (but it’s going to be September before I’ll be feeding back). I’ve had a couple from you before - looking forward to your usual deranged racket (I hope).


One of mine that I tried to rip turned out like that, luckily I caught it before sending. Must be a dodgy batch of CDs @dollarsandcents!



I’ll have to check the free software I’ve been using and get a new batch of CD’s. And introduce some quality control in future! Apologies chaps.

Spotify link is above, if you haven’t got Spotify or its a pain I can send another out no problems :metal:t3:


@paulo13 @keith @DustyNothing

Playlist is above - apologies if the CD is a dud.


I have been slack on feedback. I’ll try to get it all up by the end of the weekend, promise.


Hope you enjoyed the holiday. I’m still really enjoying your mix, it’s on heavy rotation in my car. Right up there with the best mixes I’ve received!


Yes! Talons’ is very different to Talons, the former is the quiet introspective and utterly wonderful band on mie records. That track is from Songs for Boats which is sublime (although Songs for Babes is even better)


@maggieloveshopey - I’ve been playing your CD in the car loads, it’s been great for nighttime drives actually. Afghan Whigs; never heard them before, but this was a really cool intro, great voice on the fella singing as well. Love the Jawbreaker track, absolute fist-pumper of an anthem. The Whiskey Biscuit song is incredible pop that I kept skipping back to. I kept thinking of Billy Big Mouth when Take Me To The River came on and it made me smile and want to dance like Michael Madsen in RD. :smiley: I’ve never listened to much Sonic Youth, but this was really cool - love the guitar tone and the kind of big, chiming bell-style percussion. The New Model Army one was proper chilled and lovely, especially with a cold beer. Big fan of the way you mixed this all together, especially the transition from the Te’ track into Neil Young, which scared the shit out of me (btw, really liked both these tracks as well - I reckon I’ve heard the Neil Young one before as I found myself singing along after 1 play through). Cheers!


Sorry to make it 3/3 but (despite the excellent packaging) mine wouldn’t play either. I’ll get on the spotify link though.


Hi @Icarus-Smicarus, thanks a lot for your mix cd. There was plenty on here to enjoy - the opening three tracks were ace. Had never heard of Sea Pinks before, but they sound very timeless. Curiosity got me and I googled them to see whether they were a lost 60s band or current. Neither would have surprised me. Paddy Hanna very enjoyable too, and I didn’t know the GBV tune.

The Liars song is on the only album of theirs I own and it’s never really clicked with me. They always seem highly rated though. Are subsequent albums much different to this/worth checking out?

Redneck Manifesto were on previous mix from you and I liked them then too, so should now investigate further. Love Four Tet, but didn’t know the rather lovely track included here.

Cymbals Eat Guitars were new to me - would probably have otherwise bypassed them based on their name, but the track was fun and a good injection of pace.

I knew quite a bit of the second half already. The James Yorkston track is already firm favourite and actually on my mix too. Great song and a couple of other candidates for the theme on that album. Smog’s River Guard was on my long list, but didn’t make the cut. The Okkervil River one is an excellent song from an excellent album.

I didn’t know September Girls, but that song was enjoyable. Another Big Star linked bandname to go with I Am The Cosmos from the last mix round?

The only one I really didn’t like was Hawk & a Hacksaw - man, that voice is terrible and drenching it in reverb and setting it right back in the mix to hide it’s flaws only set my teeth on edge even more. Sorry.

What’s a good album to check out first by Twilight Sad? I’ve had them on a few mixes and always enjoyed, but don’t know much of them beyond DiS CDs.

So, been plenty of good stuff on here despite your initial reservations upthread. Thanks again for sending! :slight_smile:


The accompanying note with this made me laugh a bit! The sequencing didn’t tell a full story or anything but it was a collection of good songs with a clear overall mood. Nothing stuck out as forced or out of place and there were a lot of bands on here I know from their names but none of their music, so it all worked.

Quite surprised at the number of people who seemed to use Ibeyi on here - it struck me as quite an obscure track from an obscure band but it appeared on mine and two of the three I received from here.

I think my favourite tracks are Dawn of The Replicants and Oneida - I thought I had the album with that track on but it turns out I haven’t. They’re such a distinctive-sounding band! The Sparklehorse one followed me around for a few days even though I’m not THAT keen on it.The Serafina Steer one was good too.I enjoyed listening to Royal Trux and Throwing Muses who I don’t think I’ve heard and are both the ind of bands that are forever on my radar.

I wasn’t that keen on Euro Childs but really enjoyed Sweet Baboo (both Gorky’s?) That Portishead one nearly ended up on my mix until I realised it’s my least–favourite song of theirs by a long distance.



@LastAstronaut Sorry about the delay in feedback (and I will get to my other two in short order, promise guys!). Thanks for the mix, enjoyed it a fair bit. Starts with a set of good muscular rock songs. Haven’t listened to Jesus Lizard in ages, and this is the second mix I’ve had recently that features a GbV song I’ve liked. I’m going to have to investigate further, aren’t I? (Looks at back catalogue, quails).
All good stuff to halfway and then my absolute favourite is the one that is eight minutes of waves crashing on the shore and sinister synth noises. It’s great, and the ridiculous name of the act is even better. I have been independently getting into Mastodon over the last few weeks, so I enjoyed their appearance (I was a bit confused by the vocals, but Google tells me it’s your man out of Neurosis). Liked the Cell track a lot as well, I’ll dig into them a bit more. The mix winds down a bit towards the end, but it’s not exactly easy listening, with some proper gloom that paradoxically lifts my wizened old goth heart. Good stuff, cheers!


Thanks for the feedback, chuffed you enjoyed it.

The GBV back catalogue is a bit daunting, I’d recommend listening to a couple from the earlier period (say Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes) and a couple from the later period (eg. Earthquake Glue (the track on my mix is from this), Universal Truths and Cycles). I’m not an expert by any means and have only heard one or two of the more recent albums. From what I’ve seen @Icarus-Smicarus is your man for GBV knowledge.

From The Bogs of Aughiska are, I guess, an ambient black metal band. They’ve done two albums of atmospheric, dark ambient soundscapes with touches of black metal vocals and slowed down riffs. They’re a good late night headphone listen!

Slight diversion but if you’re getting into Mastodon you may want to check out DVNE’s debut album Asheran that came out last week, they’ve got a definite Crack the Skye era Mastodon feel.

I was quite pleased with the mix this time so I’m really glad you found it enjoyable, thanks!


yo @Prob500 I got back from holz yesterday and found H2O waiting for me, looking forward to sticking it on while supping on my foreign booze supplies and dreaming of the ocean this evening. Thanks!


cheers for the feedback! glad you enjoyed. been away for a few days so haven’t had the chance for a proper reply.

I think that Liars album is a bit different from their later stuff, and the only album they made with that lineup, although they seem to be one of those bands where none of their albums are really the same. i only have that one and the last two, WIXIW and Mess which are both more electronic (the former is quite subtle and the latter much more in-your-face). WIXIW is very good and definitely worth checking out, i like Mess a lot too but it’s a bit less popular. have listened to most of the albums in between and Drums Not Dead seems to be their most well liked, which is still more guitar based but a bit more atmospheric from what i remember.

the Four Tet track is from a free album of odds-and-ends on his bandcamp called Randoms (i trimmed the overlong outro a bit to prevent overrunning): https://fourtet.bandcamp.com/album/randoms

i haven’t kept up with Cymbals Eat Guitars but i hear they’re still quite good. that song is easily the highlight of their first album which is quite good but a bit tiring to get through i find.

ha i really like that little Hawk & A Hacksaw track, it’s one of the only songs with vocals on that album but always stood out for me :smiley: they were also one of those bands that had quite a few water songs to choose from

best Twilight Sad album to check out is definitely the debut, Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters. the track on mine is from the second album which is also brilliant, often a bit too overshadowed by the first unfortunately.


@Trev sorry for the delay, and somehow I’ve managed to lose the track listing if there was one, but armed with Shazam where needed, here goes.

Really good mix. Not too many artists I’m not familiar with (and keen on) but a few songs I either haven’t heard or hadn’t listened to for a while. I think we have very similar tastes which can be a good and bad thing in these exchanges.

First thoughts, my god what an amazing song Bathysphere is. I went through a massive Smog phase a few years ago but haven’t listened to that song for a while. I’ve got too many records. I had River Guard on my mix, which might be the only even better Smog song.

The Julia Holter song is wonderful of course, it was on my long list but just missed the final cut, as was the Minor Victories song. Cat Power, Will Oldham, Jason Molina, Shearwater (especially Rooks) and Eno are all among my favourite artists so no complaints from me about any of that. Gulf Shores and The Ocean Nerves are particularly lovely, aren’t they?

War on Drugs are one of the few misses for me. I toyed with them for a while but since someone pointed out accurately that they sound exactly like Dire Straits I’ve not been able to listen to them anymore without cringing.

I’ve always thought of The Horrors as a bit phoney and posey, but I have to say I really liked that track, mostly because it was such an exact facsimile of lots of stuff I was listening to in about 1984. Still can’t see the point in such slavish imitation though, if I’m honest, but had heard this without hearing the stuff it copies I would have loved it.

Hadn’t heard the Hope Sandoval track although I know her from Mazzy Star of course - really beautiful stuff and I might investigate that album. Reminded me a bit of The Cowboy Junkies. Lisa Hannigan was one of the few artists you picked that I was pretty much unaware of (I think the only song I’ve heard was on a previous DIS mix). I really liked the one you chose.

You picked my favourite Mark Lanegan song - another that was on my long list. Liked The Dirty Three track but slightly missing the water connection (apart from the mermaid on the cover).

All in all a really enjoyable mix, if a little lacking in variety (as I think you acknowledged). Not too much stuff that was new to me, but hardly your fault that we share so many favourites.


@LastAstronaut again, sorry for the delay.

Yours was an interesting mix, quite dark in tone, that I enjoyed a lot. About 50% of it was stuff I didn’t know. Not all of it was to my taste but it was all worth hearing even when it wasn’t. You had quite a lot of heavier stuff which is an area a little outside of my comfort zone (which is a good thing).

Of the stuff I did know, big thumbs up for GBV and Portishead (the latter of which was on my long list), SFA, Mew, Swans and The Cure (Faith is one of my favourite albums), less so for Blur (one of those bands I just completely went off)

Of the stuff I didn’t know, I absolutely loved that instrumental at the start with the cello. The two instrumentals in the middle didn’t work as well for me, they would probably work better as whole albums rather than on a mix.

The heavier stuff was a bit hit and miss for me. I could take or leave The Jesus Lizard, Textures and Cell, but I liked Mastodon a lot. Mastodon are one of those bands I’ve been meaning to investigate for ages. I really liked the Made Out of Babies track a lot, especially the krautrocky bits.

I’ve heard of A Hawk and a Hacksaw but not heard much but them. I found that track really interesting and couldn’t quite make my mind up about it. Again, I think I’d probably enjoy it more if I listened to a whole album.

Buck 65 I’d barely even heard of. I really liked the music but wasn’t keen on the vocals - it reminded me of lots of quite annoying 90s bands. Blitzen Trapper on the other hand I liked although it wouldn’t particularly stand out from lots of quite similar stuff out there.

Thanks for a really interesting mix which took me to some new places (even if the Cure track was still my favourite by miles!)


Thanks for your feedback, glad the darker water trip took you to some interesting places!

I’m not really much of a Blur fan, but that track popped up when I was searching for ‘water’ tracks and I thought it fit that little run of tracks, it’s off an old Volume compilation (remember them?)

A Hawk & A Hacksaw used to be talked about a lot on these boards a good few years ago along with other more worldly folk stuff that was around at the time such as Beirut, which is where I first heard of them. This track is from their 2006 album The Way The Wind Blows.

The heavier stuff is always risky to include but I like to take a quite varied journey through the genres on these mixes and as a fan of the noisier side of things I can’t resist beefing it up a bit!

Thanks again for your comments!