DIS CD swap v7 - WATER


I’m pleased you enjoyed the mix. I think we’ve shared a couple of mixes each at this stage & I agree there does tend to be plenty in common. Apologies about the lack of tracklisting. I was leaving the country for 3 weeks & in my rush to get the mixes posted I totally forgot to include the tracklists in the package although I was pretty sure I PM’d my recipients.

Bathysphere is such a great song. I was close to putting River Guard on instead (agree it’s simply stunning) but I thought it was a good opportunity to let an older Smog classic out to play. Seeing as River Guard’s appeared on a few mixes I’m pleased with the decision.

I’d been revisiting 90’s Oldham before putting the mix together so Gulf Shores was a shoe in for inclusion, beautiful song. The Ocean’s Nerves is from Ghost Tropic which is often overlooked but well worth checking out.

I’ll defend War On Drugs against Dire Straits accusations all day , saw them live a couple of years ago at a small show in Indianapolis & they’ve been one of my favourite bands ever since.

The Dirty Three song is from Ocean Songs, probably their best album & I figured I’d put my favourite song on the mix rather than going for a water title (of which there are many on the album)

I’m really glad you liked the Lisa Hannigan song, her latest album At Swim is excellent. I saw her tour the album twice last year & We, The Drowned was particularly excellent live. I’d definitely recommend you check that & the Hope Sandoval albums out.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


Great, thanks for the additional info. Four Tet odds and ends sounds enticing, so I’ll get on to that.

Will definitely get a copy of the first Twilight Sad album soon too and see where that leads. Probably time to look into some other Liars stuff too and see if it sticks any more that the CD I have - starting with WIXW.

Should be more time to look into new discoveries now we’re slowing the rounds down a little.

My mix should be finally going out tomorrow to those previously mentioned upthread. Couldn’t find the blank CDs at home last night, so bought some more today. Apologies for the delay.


I’ve received two of the three mixes I was expecting this time from Scagden and Trev, I don’t who was due to send me the third but just wanted to let them know here in case they’d sent it and it’s gone missing in the post.


I pretty much had an Ocean mix done and ready to go when it was first suggested and it had a nice little narrative running through it. When it then changed to a more broader water theme I couldn’t resist leaving it alone but had a nagging feeling I had made it worse. Been really happy with how the last couple of mixes flowed but with this one it felt like I’d just reverted back to chucking in a load of themed songs without that much cohesion. Glad to hear that nothing jarred though.

Ibeyi does appear to be a popular choice and I omitted what I thought what be a few more obvious songs to include it.

The Dawn of The Replicants track is taken from their first album One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs which I highly recommend. If you wanted to investigate Throwing Muses further you can’t really go wrong with any of their albums but this track is from University which was a big album for me in my late teens and I go back to it regularly.

Euro Childs is ex Gorkys as is Richard James who I included near the end of the mix. Sweet Baboo isn’t although he has produced and played on Euro’s albums as well as lots of other Welsh artists Gruff Rhys, Cate Le Bon, H Hawkline.

I wanted to include a few short songs to link things here and there and the Portishead track fitted perfectly. I’m sure most on here would know or at least expect to know what they sound like so I kind of liked the fact that it’s completely different and unrepresentative of them.

Thanks for the feedback and glad you found a few bits to enjoy!


The Spotify link is fine for me. Will be able to give this a good few listens up to and over the weekend now so will report back early next week!


I had an excellent joke lined up about being disappointed with the track when I was expecting visionary electronic nonsense.


Haven’t had any of mine :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe everyone hates me


That sucks. You’re welcome to have a listen to mine;


You’re getting one from me but don’t expect to receive it for another couple of weeks - still on tracklist stage.


Ah fair play! No hurry, just good to know I haven’t been forgotten :slight_smile:


Bloody love that whole agalloch lp! Brilliant opener


@Icarus-Smicarus - I’ve been playing your mix in the car loads recently, thanks! Firstly, a well-structured mix that flowed really well, almost river-like it would seem. :wink:

The opening track by Sea Pinks, was fantastic - as @woweezowee said, very timeless and proper surf-guitar Beach Boys-esque vibe. Don’t know much GBV (only got the best of) but this was a lovely little tune, really should investigate them more. Haven’t heard that Liars track in years, what an absolute banger. Took me ages to get it was them though, as I was listening to it in the car and couldn’t find the case. Love a bit of Redneck Manifesto, well plinky and computer-code sounding. I’ve definitely heard the Four Tet song before, but no idea where, as I’ve never really listened to them, so that’s weird. Really liked it though. Always avoided Cymbals Eat Guitars because of their clumsy name, but this wasn’t what I was expecting so, thumbs up to that. September Girls track was well industrial-lite, but decent.

The British Sea Power closing track was really grand and atmospheric in places, felt like something that would end a particularly poignant and triumphant movie.

Misread Oh Boland as Wes Borland somehow - this wasn’t anything like the Limp Bizkit guitarist though (thankfully?) and was all kinds of excellent, especially the shredding guitar outro, fucking love that. Great bunch o’ lads as well it seems from looking them up.

Cheers buddy!


cheers, glad you liked!


My Trumpocalypse mix is seeming worryingly prescient…


Apologies to all folks below started a new job a month ago and it was something of a baptism of fire, things are just beginning to cool down.

@shucks @Prob500 @woweezowee - mixes have all arrived and all look fantastic, some stuff i know, some stuff I don’t so looking forward to getting stuck in there - feedback to follow

@paulo13 @DustyNothing @dollarsandcents - an on the whole fairly indie mix (for me) has been burnt and slapped in a case, aim to get in to the post in the next couple of days, sorry for the delay.



Andy Weatherall is jumping our bandwagon

  1. An Ocean Only You Can See / Ian William Craig
  2. Atlantis / Deuter
  3. Soft Ocean / The Kramford Look
  4. An Ocean Goitia Deitz
  5. Atlantic Postcard / The Holydrug Couple
  6. Ocean Strings / Reverso 68
  7. The Sun And The Sea / Barry Adamson
  8. Sea The Swell / Talmun Shud
  9. Sight On Sea / Magical Ring
  10. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch / Music By Pinkunoizu
  11. Life By The Sea [ Peel Version ] / The Names
  12. Oceans / A.C.R.
  13. Deep Sea / Kurt Vile
  14. Sea Of Love / Like A Tim and Gina V.D’Orio
  15. Sea Song / The Unthanks


Gah, if Andrew Weatherall wanted to join in, he should have PM’d Prob500 like the rest of us! :angry:


Hi @dollarsandcents, some overdue feedback from me! I enjoy your mixes, as they definitely have some songs out of my normal comfort zones, but which I like also!
I probably haven’t heard more than a very small handful of songs by Justin T, but do moderately like this megahit.
Really loved the Portico Quartet song, especially the vibraphone-y type sounds. Although it briefly gets a bit too jazzy just after the midway point, but on the whole very good.
The Fluence and Banks songs didn’t immediately jump out at me, but they’ve grown on me a bit.
Apollo Brown - I really like the music/samples (maybe as it’s a bit similar to Kno, who I really liked from the last cd I received from you), although on the whole I’m not too keen on rap vocals.
Not too keen on the next four songs - doesn’t seem to be much happening in the first two, and wasn’t too keen on the next two.
The Christian Loffler song, on the other hand, went down well - would have been happy if it was longer. The Chromatics song was nice, although I almost wanted the song to have a big build up/crescendo. The Clint Mansell song is one of my favourites on this mix, sounds like something that some of Stephen Jones’ instrumental songs might have made.
I have an old album/ep of Marika Hackman’s and saw her live at End of the Road festival a couple of years ago, and enjoyed her set. Still need to listen to her new album. I’ve not heard of Julia Jacklin before, but it’s a nice sweet song.
and finally, krill.minima gets two thumbs up from me. Very subdued and sounding like it’s from deep under the ocean, and very relaxing. Will have a listen to their other songs/sounds.

Ooh, just had a search for the Drombeg song via Bandcamp, as it’s not available on Spotify, and really like this one also. Is the album any good? I can see that the label has a release by another guy I was meaning to properly investigate (Alex Kozobolis), so I should definitely try and listen to both/other artists on that label.

Thanks again - definitely some new stuff for me to investigate and listen to!


Just got back to find your lovely designed cd today - thanks! It’s got a nice mix of artists I like/know a little bit of/know of/don’t know, so am looking forward to listening to it!


Ah, excellent - I’m glad it arrived ok and that familiarity spectrum is pretty much exactly what I hope for from these mixes.

Hope you (and the other recipients) enjoy listening.