DiS Christmas Drinks 2: DiS Chrismas Drinks-er


Roll call for people who fancy a(nother) few beers this Thursday (22nd).

I’ll be working near London Bridge and have to get a train from Liverpool Street at 8:45ish, but happy to go wherever in between. Suggestions welcome.

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  • Possibly

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where/when’s good for everyone? Provide ideas pls, I don’t even live in Londonbook



Perhaps? Never been though, just throwing it out there- would you prefer somewhere nearer London Bridge or somewhere nearer Liverpool Street? I know most pubs around London Bridge/Borough like the back of my hand… most of the places I know nearer Liv Street are probably going to be quite busy… the Water Poet is of course famously roomy.


Sorry dude, gotta downgrade myself to a ‘no’ that evening as I have other plans.


either or tbh, I’ve got quite a bit of time to kill so I’m pretty easy. I realise this isn’t massively helpful. Basically I’l go wherever the best pubs are or wherever other people need to be


definitely not, no.


so yes?


Aggers if I was around I’d be overjoyed to meet you but I’m not so I won’t.


One day Iron, one day.


Got a party after it but I could come for a couple of pre-drinks


way too much info actually. “tentative yes”






Bah. I’ve got to get the last bits of christmas shopping tonight, so it’s unlikely that I’ll make it down.



It’s a Christmas miracle!




Sorry to cancel but I need a night in. I’ve been out 5 of the last 6 nights and I need a break.


I’ve just had a text from an ATD asking if I fancy a drink tonight, so it looks like this is dead. please delete, mods


How convenient…