🎄 DiS Christmas Song Submissions 🎄

Right then.

Please record yourselves singing the below (the whole song, ideally)

Send it to me in mp3 format if poss, to dismassong@gmail.com

Please make sure you can’t hear the backing track on the recording

Feel free to be as earnest or as silly as you’d like, this is a broad church.

Any questions?

Submissions open until 16/12/19


Also please feel free to write which part/line you’d like me to use most and I’ll try to accomodate.

Everyone is welcome to join!

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Am I excited about this? Yes!


I’ll wager you’ve never comped vocals before eh Joke? This is gonna drive you mental


How many effects can I put on the recording :thinking:

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Nope, fully prepared for a headache (i think in actuality very few people will actually submit songs so hopefully won’t be too hard)

This is anti tremolo racism

You’re definitely going to get one from me, as soon as I have 10 minutes with the house to myself I’m going full George Michael on it and it’s going to be glorious (for me, maybe not for you)


I wish I didn’t have a cold

plenty of time!

Tempted to record a whole backing tracking track for you


If you do please can you add saxophones, as that is one of the few things the original is really lacking.

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You’re the boss!

Still think saxophones would be good

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No, the boss would get Clarence to do sax - I mean, back in 84 he would have done, not now obviously

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Oh yeah, he’s actually REALLY into it tbf

Guess we’ll just have to settle for some gorgeous synths instead

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Not going to win any friends here but I really really hate this song.


This year, to save me from tears, I’m putting @scout on mute


Agreed. Also it is not God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen so I am not going to participate as stated :smiley: