DiS Christmas Thread Day: What're you eating for Christmas dinner?

Hello all! Just wondered what everybody would be tucking into on Christmas Day? I’ve convinced my in-laws to pick up a massive beef welly from M&S.

No idea. Can’t even remember who’s house it’s at this year.

Really just want to stay in London please.

I’m cooking AGAIN. I don’t mind though. I get to stay in the kitchen sipping gin at 11am and listening to Radios 4 and 6.

It’ll be pretty traditional - Turkey and all that. I’ll do a nice chestnut stuffing.

And it goes without saying NO YORKSHIRE PUDDING

probably the same as the rest of the family minus the turkey!

It’s about that time of year I begin to say for the next 3 months “i need to book my flights”

3 months will take me passed christmas

Passed christmas, I gave you my heart

Venison eh?


is this some sort of no-i-deer joke?

Should have said “Venson”



yes, I don’t approve of many of your posts, but I approve of this one

My butcher’s offered me 8 legs of venison for £200.

Think I’m going to turn it down though, it’s too dear

two deer hahahahahahaha!!!


No idea. Going to be just me and the missus, I think, first time in 29 years I won’t have been with my parents and brothers. Mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Venson eh?

Each christmas I get a full one of these:

Which I think is supposed to feed 2/3 people? I don’t know, still tastes good and there will be a bunch of good potatoes and veg stuff knocking about. Cheers mum.

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Like wrapped up and that?

Now is not the time for jokes.

Official hierachy of christmas day veg sides:
sprouts > nips > pots > rots > other

Turkey I suppose. Just get a breast normally as there is only 2 of us* **.It’s alright as a one off for Xmas day.

The one we bought last year said ‘Serves 2-3’, after about 3-4 days of picking there was still loads left.

*Might be 3, 4 or even 5 this year.
**It’s not that we hate our own and/or each others families, just cba with it and would rather be a pair of antisocial twats and do our own thing.