the top two will be decided by golden goal

Good level in Tomb Raider II, the Venice one.

if any of us are still alive

Venice is just incredibly silly isn’t it. Just a daft idea for a city.

In Casino Royale (the Daniel Craig one), the final act is set in Venice and he shoots some dude through the eye with a nail gun.

“Ha, so THATS how you make a Venetian blind!!!”

No one else in the cinema laughed.


didn’t enjoy it much tbh. But that was mainly because of the frankly insane number of people trying to squeeze through a handful of narrow streets.

Really liked some of the other, quieter, islands in the lagoon though - especially burano and torcello.

prestigious international biennial art festivals - also 1

number of cans of coke you can get for €18000 in St Mark’s Square - also 1


I know everyone hates it but I love Venice so much. Go in March or October when the cruise ships are gone and stick to places like Canareggio and it’s a beautiful place to get lost in. The kind of place you don’t need to spend any money at all because you can just wander about.

There is a lift you can get to the top of a bell tower that gives incredible views over the whole island

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18 grand Coke, in la Serenissima that’s alright.


I went in March and it still felt real busy. Plus it was raining