Totally fair points there. Although I think Toronto was a lot more like NY in terms of layout than Montreal. I definitely loved Toronto, great place. Just ever so slightly preferred Montreal… like by a smidge. Loved all the murals and just coming across random alleys that tenants had turned into gardens.

Canadians are sound, eh? Like so so sound.


Yeah apart from people in Quebec that’s a weird town. My Mrs hired a Canadian before Christmas who lived on Newfoundland and she said that the rest of Canada see the French Candians as and this is how she put it, a really, really, extreme version of people who are for Welsh Independence and use of the Welsh language.

Best example of it that we saw was probably when we went to Saint Alexis des Monts which is a tiny village out in the sticks and everyone spoke French and nobody spoke English and if they learnt a 2nd language it was German. Some French Candians really don’t like the rest of Canada.

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The rest of Canada tend to be MASSIVELY prejudiced about French Canadians when in most cases they haven’t met many.

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It’s the best bit. Won’t ever get me admitting it publicly back home, mind

Montreal is well good. Prefer Vancouver, but then it is my #1 city.

Vancouver > Toronto = Montreal > Victoria > > Ottawa > > Calgary > > > > Winnipeg

Montreal is great, nice grimy vibes. Vibes all over. The most reliably class people in the world as well.

  1. Berlin.
    Not my favourite but can’t begrudge it number 1. Ran my only good marathon there, saw one of my best ever gigs (Liars in a random art gallery). Food surprisingly good.

  2. Barcelona.
    Loved it when I went there, but it was my first visit to Spain and it turns out I just love Spain. Over-touristed, greatly preferred Valencia.

  3. New York.
    Obviously great. May have peaked in 2003.

  4. Tokyo
    Number one on my wishlist.

  5. Lisbon
    Meh. Don’t understand the hype. And yes I’ve been to that TimeOut market.

  6. Paris
    Sure, fine. Need to go back and see more.

  7. Vancouver
    Lived there for 7 years. So I’m biased. On a sunny day in May it’s unimaginably beautiful. Bring money.

  8. (=) San Francisco

I visited 6 times in the early 2000s so I must like it. Probably ruined by tech-bros since then.

  1. (=) Venice

Not a real city, living museum, yadda yadda.

  1. (=) Brugge
    N/A. Suspect Ghent is better.

  2. Rome
    Incredible. The 11-15th best tourist attractions would shit all over the best of most cities.

  3. (=) Budapest
    A bit grim. Psychotic motorists. Can’t understand the language one bit. I liked it!

  4. (=) Dublin
    Only spent 24h there. Didn’t make much of an impression.

  5. (=) Istanbul

Number 1. Chaotic, crumbling, endlessly interesting.

  1. (=) Toronto

Fine. Watered down version of a big American city. Chicago does everything similar, better.

  1. (=) Oslo

Better than I expected. Bring lots of money.

  1. (=) Sarajevo

Not much to actually do, but fascintating.

  1. (=) Antwerp

N/A Suspect it’s better than Bruges.

  1. (=) Hong Kong


  1. (=) Prague

I have been to Prague.

  1. (=) Stockholm


Still can’t believe King’s Landing didn’t win

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Ooo, might do another one of these

‘Worlds nicest hamlet’ perhaps


Lots of people added their votes after the rundown was complete.

Maybe the list needs to be updated for 2021.


Best start now if you want it done by the end of the year

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I’ve just read through the entire thread again. I had a lovely time!


420 Blaise it