DiS Classic Football Streaming

Hi all

As mentioned in a few threads. As there’s no football for the foreseeable future I thought it might be good to watch some classic matches together, preferably at the same time so we can all have a chat about it and that.

Thought I would start it this Sunday at 4pm. (Then maybe extend it to 2 games on Sunday and perhaps a mid week one if it goes well).

Ive found this website, https://footballia.net/ which has decent selection. However you do have to register and most commentaries don’t seem to be in English. If anyone knows other website let me know. Hopefully, others will want to pick games going forward.

Anyway thought I’d kick it off this Sunday 22nd 4pm with
North Korea vs Portugal (1966 World Cup Quarter Final)

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  • Out
  • Shake it all about (Not In this week but might be in future)

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I would like to pick a game or two in future

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Absolutely fantastic idea.

Me and a few mates have discussed seeing which WC or Euros from say 10+ years ago has got the most full games available, and doing a re-watch. Looking forward to this too though

Absolutely in if I’m free on Sunday.


Sorry I totally missed this yesterday as went for a big walk due to it being sunny, going to watch it tonight at 7.

Anyone IN?

Dont wanna talk to myself.