DiS College Football BOWLMANIA! 🏈 🏆

Hiya sports fans and curious passers by!

It is that most wonderful time of year again, college football bowl season! For those who you who haven’t a clue what I am talking about, at the college level of American football, after the regular season games those teams who don’t have a losing record are rewarded with a lost-season game known as a bowl game. There’s lots of them, and they’re incredibly fun :+1:

What’s more fun though is trying predict the games and competing against your family, friends or internet strangers to try be the most successful and earn bragging rights for the year (or at least until March Madness time)

Last year was the inaugural Drowned in Sound Bowlmania competition, won by @FKA_Adam_Jeffso . Who can win their crown this year?

Participation is easy, you’ll need to sign up for an ESPN website account and follow the link below to join the group. There are 41 games to pick, but you literally just have to tick a box to pick one of the two teams in each match up, knowledge of college football is completely optional in making choices - pick by name, by location, by mascot, just arbitrarily tick whatever until you are done - knowing about the teams or even the sport is not necessarily a route to success. Entries have to be in by Saturday if you don’t want to miss out on any points. For the group you may need a password, which as last year is puntoff


When you make your entry either try remember to put your username or something we will recognise you from as your entry name, otherwise post in this thread who you are in the group.

Good luck, and I hope you have fun :slight_smile:

Done! All very unscientific.

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Ahm in.

Where’s a good resource to look up the mascots?

Just guess based on their name

I have no idea what an Aggie is

The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors mascot is a ship that was sunk by French intelligence agencies.

Which one does David Beckham play for?

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A pissed-off farmer.

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I picked loads of underdogs, exciting

This is a tough choice because I’m well into Cougars


picked based on the best animal / against any overt religious or military themed team


Bowl games are often quite unpredictable because different teams from different conferences will have quite different styles, and with bigger teams in particular, a lot of their best players might sit out ahead of the NFL draft, so they won’t be as a good as their record looks.


Quite intrigued by the idea of a Tech Bulldog

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Similar to mine, but I also picked both the Red and Green Waves for the sake of fairness.

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AmericIN football.


Fuck, Ducks vs Badgers. Sophie’s choice.

Entertainingly, there are no military teams playing in the Military Bowl by Northrop Grumman

Check out Uga, he’s a good lad


Do we not pick the national champion? Only saw picks for the semi final BCS games?

Regardless in. :+1:

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