DiS Commune v2.0



As some of you may remember, v1.0 was an ex-hotel in Blackpool which, sadly, didn’t quite capture the imagination enough to become a reality.

Let’s take a look at v2.0…

69 rooms!
£55k per bedroom! *

Who’s in?

*I propose to use the separate six-bedroom apartment as rooms for rent, to provide us with an ongoing income.)

Panic Buy Project 2018

69 :laughing:


Yeah okay. Tbh I’m pretty sure Wza and I could easily be a Morecambe and Wise for the modern era


Ooooooo could we have themed rooms for bands and put > signs between doors


"Yeah okay you’re in the Blue suite. That’s inbetween the Pinkerton and Gr-


Or we could have different wings of the building named after different bands and have the rooms named after their albums, and laugh at the poor sod who lives in pablo honey


Can someone get a crowdfunder set up for this, pls?

  • £1 gets you a pin badge with ESA @sean 's face on it. (5000 available)
  • £10 gets you an invite to the housewarming party. (500 available)
  • £100 gets you a brass plaque affixed to the front porch. (666 available)
  • £1k gets you 3 months in one of the rooms in the six bedroom apartment and a DiS mug.* (72 available)
  • £8k gets you a permanent room in (and ownership of) the main DiS mansion and a signed limited edition This^ t-shirt. (69 available)

*£24k pa income for the first three years to the permanent residents for keeping the place up and running.

So, to recap…

£8k. You live in a jumped up indie prick commune mansion with 68 other jumped up indie pricks, and no mortgage. In Scotland! What the fuck is not to love about that?


The fact you expect us to earn 24kpa in Scotland is hilarious. Am ooot



The £24k pa is income to the 69 permanent joint owners by renting out the rooms in the outhouse.


shhhhh SHH.

AHEM What Wza means to say, Duck, is that for you we’ll discount you to only giving us 4k per year for the first year! Welcome aboard!


Can we call it Ho is tel



‘Small’ maths error.

The £8k was based on rooms, not _bed_rooms. As per the OP, it’d be £55k as is. We need to convert every room into a bedroom to get the onboard cost down to £8k. Otherwise it’s a more exclusive proposition 10 rooms at £55k each for permanent residence.

(The This^ t-shirt part of the deal remains unaffected.)


Drumcharry will be sold at auction next month.

I think you might be revising that pricing structure.

  • £300k gets you use of the grounds for free mooring of hot air balloons for life. (1 available)

Mods! Add ^this to the crowd funders options, pls.