DiS community digital record label

There are some very talented folks producing music who are regular posters on these boards. Most of those folks are also woefully underexposed. Was chatting with one of those folks and pondering the idea of some sort of community-led digital label to support with promotion, foster collaborations, do artwork for records, maybe even organise shows;

I don’t really know what it would involve - I just make stuff I like on my laptop - but I’m sure we’ve got enough creative folks with enough knowledge to do something.

So, thoughts?




I’d be happy to do artwork for people if they want silly paint drawings shrugs

great idea though


Always wanted to start a small label but know i’d be shite when it comes to the actual meeting people side of it, and there are so many people doing it well that i’d worry about not being creative enough to make it stand out. Think i’d enjoy the boring side of it, though, the repetitive, mundane admin stuff, etc.

Used to be a guy on here, think he was called Henry. He was based in Manchester for a few years and set up a label called MIE which was fucking fantastic and pretty close to the mental image i had of what i’d like a label to be like in terms of type of bands, artwork, aestethic, approachability, etc.

Would be ace if we could have some sort of properly co-operative label which people could get involved generally even if they don’t make music, draw, etc and we could collectively fund.


You’re one of the woefully underexposed artists! :wink:


Ah yeah I remember him posting on old DiS - he put out some Trouble Books and Richard Youngs stuff a few years back. Good stuff, I should probably try and check out some of their recent releases


ah too kind!

Would be great for me though because I’m terrible with the business/logistical side of things and have no connections.

definitely a nice idea but might be difficult to do in practice i think. imo labels work when they have a sort of specialism and if the only thing linking the projects is that we all post here it might be trying to cover too many disparate things imo.

lots of cool people here though that i would and have reached out to for help with some stuff. _Em did some artwork for me which was fantastic. i tend to put a call out on here whenever i need artwork or a musician or anything, but getting involved in eachothers’ digital distribution and whatnot could get messy.

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Yeah this was the biggest concern I had (apart from my own complete lack of knowledge and contacts). Not to knock it on the head or anything - could be that it’s focused on a particular genre.

Maybe this could be our shtick. No cohesiveness in genre, but we’re all clueless.


yeah defo. you’d know better than me but it seems like there’s quite a lot of people making sorta ambient/techno/kinda beat based stuff. i’m actually dipping my toes back into more of a programming world, have set myself the task of making an album with no guitars :grimacing:

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Yeah - certainly a few who operate in that area. Off the top of my head, I’ve heard great electronic/ambient stuff by @McGarnagle @anon30627475 @Otto @Bamnan (obvs @BodyInTheThames too but he’s grafted his way to the major leagues now) (apologies to those I’ve forgotten :grimacing:)


i for one welcome our new ambient overlords



Hi! I make ambient music too! Aiming to release another two MueseuM albums this year. Interested in the idea of a digital record label. Would even start a solo thing for myself to release material on it. Have we a name in mind? PenisDarkness Vinyls?


I did not know this. Where can I find MueseuM (apart from the PDV website)?

I would definitely be up for doing some artwork for this.

Great idea, anyway.


Intrigued and very thankful for the mention, but would have no idea what I’m doing organization wise. Altho any excuse to wear sunglasses indoors and I’m there tbqh.

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Bit off topic but I keep getting emails from “labels” offering to release my music, and all I have to do is pay them 1500 quid up front. So however little you think you know, you know more than some.


I’ll do it for £1499