DiS community digital record label


hey @Bamnan have you tried stereo controller yet? it’s :+1:


not yet sorry!


By happy coincidence I’ve just been out to collect a delivery of cassettes (I know, I know) for a new ambient/drone release I’m putting out on Friday. Woo!


I’m on one of those releases!


And along those lines, I reckon more DiS compilations along the lines of the Christmas ones could be great. Maybe based around a theme each time.


so many talented kind and intelligent people on here, probably the highest concentration of talent in any online community in the world.


The Fire-Eating Jugglers of Mensa (FEJoM) forum begs to differ



Here’s the stuff I’ve done which might fit the brief. There are a few naughty acoustic instruments sneaking around but they’re mostly electronic and all blissfully vocal free


Latest sort of stuff
Just sketches really but gives an idea - was going to be a new band but we will never got round to meeting up, so it’s initially ideas I did to be expanded upon

Also artwork is all me!


This is mega - also, I love A Touch of Berkshire as a name.


Aw thanks!


Way too amateur for this project and wrong genre but thought I’d link to my bad recordings anyway


Just a thought - should the name be something like Disintegration Sounds Distribution? I mean, it’s hardly a Dis project without some ridiculous in-joke.

Also needs some kind of rhyming tagline, like 'Strange Famous ‘til the grave claims us’, 'Teklife ‘til the next life’ etc. Bedwetters to go-getters, idk.

Seriously this is a great idea and props to all involved, you’re all massively talented and great


no taglines please


Actually that’s a great tagline


I kind of like Disintegration Sound (singular) if we need an adjunct for bandcamp or w/e

but otherwise just the word on its own stands quite well

also, I’m plus one on the ‘no taglines please’


“fao the attention of yr ears”


That’s the thing about Bandcamp - basically everything is taken! It’s gonna have to be a phrase or made-up word (same as trying to get any URL)


surprisingly disintergration.co.uk and disintergration.com are both available!